Paid Media

Managing Global Ad Campaigns for a Leading Tire Manufacturer


Paid Media

Managing Global Ad Campaigns for a Leading Tire Manufacturer


The Challenge

Growing an Audience

Our client is a global tire manufacturer. In 2023, they released a video series about the different ways that their products impact ordinary people. They wanted an ad campaign that highlighted the strong connection between the brand and its customers, building awareness while still driving the audience to its site to view the content. The campaign needed to show how the role tires play in people’s everyday lives and the hidden role they play in shaping people’s lives. Authenticity was key in this campaign so we needed to ensure that we conveyed this message to as many people as possible through effective targeting.

Our Solution

Global Engagement

We created both an organic and a global paid media strategy for this campaign across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X and Youtube, using an emotive video series the client had produced. The organic campaign ran between February and July and the paid campaigns ran from the 6th to the 23rd July. 

Firstly we established countries to target, based on the size of the population interested in agriculture and OTR (off the road) tires – this included, the UK, the US, Italy, Germany and South Africa. When needed, we also translated the campaign into the languages of the targeted country, ensuring that the message was culturally relevant and engaging. In addition to this, we also provided the copy for the video’s webpage and translations into various languages, utilising our networks of community managers and translators.


A Lasting Impression

The campaign was incredibly successful generating thousands of clicks and high engagement, due to the emotional resonance of the story in the ad campaigns, and through effective targeting. It also had a low CPC and CPM across all platforms and a variety of audiences.

With a budget of 4,468.40€ across all platforms, we achieved the following:

  • 3,262,583 total impressions 
  • 95,888 total link clicks
  • An engagement rate of 7.48% on Facebook
  • An engagement rate of 38% on Instagram

This demonstrates that our campaign was able to effectively drive a large number of viewers to the client’s website and engage audiences from across the globe. 

The client was impressed with our incredibly successful and high value campaign, and we have continued to work with them over a continuously expanding range of marketing activities in a variety of languages.

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