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Daniel O'Reilly

Daniel’s experience in social media spans nine years. Having previously worked with clients in cryptocurrency, healthcare, music & events, he deeply understands the value of a well-executed social media and community strategy across various sectors. Daniel has also worked with brands, helping to develop and establish visual identities, strategies, and collaborative relationships.

5 Important Questions to Ask A Social Media Agency Before Hiring

Whether you have a business which is slowly growing, a business which needs some extra online TLC or just some initial advice from the social media experts, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know, starting with…

What does a social media agency do?

So, you’ve heard about social media agencies, and you know that they boost a business’s online presence – but what else?

Social media agencies help create and manage social media profiles, deliver high-quality advertising, develop marketing strategies, and analyse engagement levels. They make sure your brand’s online presence is targeting the right audience, and that this audience continues to grow.

Each business has a story to tell. Social media agencies help build your brand; they provide the resources and expertise to make your story stand out from competitors and captivate potential new customers. They give your story a voice.

How do you know your business needs a social media agency?

Are you struggling to retain current customers and reach new ones?

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time on your business’s social media account, with little return of investment?

Do you find marketing your business on social media overwhelming, and don’t know where to start?

Sounds like your business needs a social media agency! But what are the five main questions you should ask potential social media agencies before hiring?

1. How do you measure success?

This should be one of the very first questions you ask. What does a successful brand look like and how will they communicate this success journey over time? For example, a good quality social media agency will use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and frequent statistical reports, to highlight how your business is growing and milestones to work towards.

It is also an opportunity for you to explain your vision of success – where you want the business to be in five years’ time, how many new customers you want to onboard, the revenue you want to achieve by the end of the financial year – and everything in between! Sharing your success vision will give both you and the social media agency a common goal to work towards – while giving you an insight into what is possible, and the gaps in your current marketing strategy which need to be improved.

2. What are your growth strategies?

After setting out your success vision, you need to know how the social media agency will get you there. The social media agency can help you establish your target audience and help you better understand which social media platforms will be most advantageous for your business. There are a range of marketing strategies to grow a business, from sharper content to using more search engine optimization (SEO) keywords to reach a wider audience. You want to ensure there is a strong, personalised plan in place for your business’s growth journey – and then start to watch your engagement levels soar!

3. Who will be managing my account?

You will want to know who will be managing your account at the social media agency – you may even have multiple account managers. It’s important you all take the time for introductions; the account manager should be made aware of your business requirements and your preferred ways of working at the very start. This will also help build a good working relationship with your account manager, which is crucial as they will be the person you go to for updates, queries, and advice. You may also want to know about the other accounts they manage, to get a better understanding of how they are helping businesses grow, not to mention their own success rates.

4. What software and technology do you use?

Each social media agency will have their own preferred software and technology, and there is a vast range of different software in the marketing world. So, you may not have heard of the programmes the social media agency uses. Understanding the software your account manager is using will help you and your team have a better understanding of how your social media account is run. And it’s helpful if your team can use the same software too, as this way, you’ll be on the same page as your account manager, and be able to monitor this all-important account management more closely. Many social media marketing agencies use software programmes for social media automation: this enables agencies to do much more with your accounts than they would be able to do through manual posting.

5. Can I see your client reviews?

One of the best ways to know whether you’ve chosen the right social media agency is to look at their reviews. What are clients saying about them? The social media agency may have a case studies or projects page where you can see examples of their work and better understand their success vision. You could also go a step further and ask the agency if you can speak with one of their previous clients who is in the same industry as you – this will give you a deeper insight into how the agency works and whether they’re the right people to lead your online business accounts.

How to know which social media agency is right for you

As well as having vital industry knowledge, you must ensure that the social media agency’s services fill the missing gaps in your account management, from content design to testing new platforms. And from the very start, they should set out clear KPIs towards your success vision.

At Social Chameleon, awarded the most innovative digital marketing agency of 2022, transparency and an evidence-based approach to digital marketing are paramount. Social Chameleon provides a wide range of services from social media management to influencer marketing. Want to know more? Meet the experts behind the results and read our five-star reviews from previous clients.

You are a few clicks away from transforming your business and its digital footprint.

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