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Top 25 Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia



Picking a digital marketing agency can be a challenging task. There’s a range of considerations to think about. Australia has a huge digital marketing industry, which continues to grow. 


Here we offer a round up of some of the best digital marketing agencies across the country. We took into consideration a number of different characteristics in order to compile this list. The attributes that made these agencies stand out included the variety of services they offered, their awards, client list and specialisms. 


This list features agencies that offer full packages as well as those that cater to more niche markets. 


So, which are the top 25 digital marketing agencies in Australia?


Social Chameleon 

Best for overall service


Overall best TikTok Agency - Social Chameleon


Social Chameleon are pioneers in search first social media and digital marketing. They have won a number of awards and have been featured in publications including Forbes. They offer services including content creation, influencer marketing and paid media. Their search first approach raises brand profiles as well as their profits. 


Salt & Fuessel

Best for localised services


Salt and Fuessel is an agency in Australia best for localised services

Salt & Fuessel are a Melbourne based agency who offer tailored and localised digital marketing campaigns across all social media channels as well as Google Ads, Shopify and email services. They’ve increased the ROI of multiple brands by five times their original amount. Clients have included big names such as Suzuki and The Australian Government.



Best for fashion brands


Australian agency Culture is best for fashion brands


Culture works with fashion brands and labels to grow their fan base as well as their revenue. They offer services including social media management, business intelligence, brand development and web design and development. They have worked with brands including Adidas, Pandora and Outland Denim.



Best for data-driven approaches


Megaphone is a digital marketing agency best for data-driven approaches


Megaphone specialises in strategic, data driven strategies. They provide services across multiple channels such as Google Ads, TikTok and other social platforms. They focus on increasing conversion rates, raising ROA and increasing leads and traffic in order to increase revenue for brands and businesses. They have worked with household names such as Southern Comfort and Lululemon.



Best for challenger brands


Reborn is a digital marketing agency best for challenging brands in Australia


Reborn is a Sydney based creative, advertising and digital marketing agency who specialise in challenger brands. They are an award winning agency offering services such as content marketing, digital production, SEO and strategy and planning. They’ve worked with startups, SMEs and B2B clients. Past clients include Heinz, Unilever and Revlon.


The Walk Agency

Best for storytelling

The walk agency is an Australian digital marketing company best for storytelling


The Walk Agency focuses on B2B and B2C clients. They focus their work on storytelling by building identity and focusing emotional connections between brands and their audiences and customers. This includes social media, content marketing and reporting and insight provision. They work across a range of industries including financial services, healthcare and education.


Tiny Hunter

Best for local and family businesses


In Australia, Tiny Hunter is a digital marketing agency best for local and family businesses


Tiny Hunter are based in Sydney and work with a range of clients, with a particular focus on transforming family and local businesses into recognisable brands. They bring a range of skills to this process including brand strategy, web and digital. They promote brand led culture and development, including through workshops and in-house team training. Clients have included Sydney Airport and Family Business Australia. 



Best for design solutions


Percept is an australian agency best for design solutions


Percept was established in 1997 in Sydney. They bring years of experience to their work focusing on strategic design solutions and digital marketing. This includes digital strategies, email marketing and digital design and communications solutions. They’ve worked with clients including  ASX, Olay and Groupon.


Emote Digital

Best for combining traditional with digital


Emote is a digital marketing agency best for combining traditional with digital


Emote is an award winning digital marketing agency with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They have transitioned fully into the digital era but their longevity brings traditional skills as well. They offer strategy, search and content services across all digital platforms. They have worked with clients such as Puma, Mental Health First Aid Australia and Bakers Delight.


SEO Assistance

Best for SEO


In Australia the best agency for SEO, is SEO assistance


SEO Assistance have branches all across Australia. They specialise in SEO providing services in this sector such as outreach, optimisation, reporting, audit and competitor analysis. They place SEO as the foundation for sustainable growth for businesses. Their work has been featured in media outlets such as Yahoo News, Courier Mail and The Daily Telegraph.


Digital Movement 

Best for value


Digital Movement is a digital marketing agency in Australia is best for best for value.


Digital Movement are a Melbourne based agency who offer a range of services focusing on driving conversions, website traffic and leads. They offer their clients work in areas such as Google Ads, SEO and Facebook advertising. 



Best for lifestyle brands


Piccolo offer digital marketing and PR services across a range of industries including beauty, lifestyle, fashion and retail. They work with brands across both digital and more traditional media platforms. This includes services such as influencer alignment, content creation, media and press relations and corporate partnerships.




Best for design


Bellman is an agency and consultancy that offers brands a full service across branding, design and content. In particular they have significant experience in creating innovative and beautiful designs for brands. Some of their clients have included Western Health and Suzuki.




Best for retail 


Traffic is an agency that focuses on retail, luxury, real estate and finance. They offer a fully integrated brand and digital development process that helps raise profits and presence. They have worked with brands such as Harcourt and Crown Jewel. 




Best for luxury 


3Deep focus on working with major luxury names in Australia. They bring over 28 years of experience to their work, combining established branding and creative PR solutions with innovative and contemporary digital solutions. They have worked with names such as the National Gallery of Victoria, Harrolds department store and the Ritz-Carlton.



Social Scramble

Best for hospitality


Social Scramble focus on hospitality, tourism and food and drink brands. They work with restaurants, cafes and bars providing digital services such as videography, email marketing and social media advertising. The founders bring their own experience working in the hospitality sector to their marketing work. As well as working with Melbourne’s best venues they also work with brands such as DV Cider and The Sustainable Coffee Company.



The Creative Collective

Best for community approach


The Creative Collective offers services across Australia bringing an experienced team to industries including finance, food and beverage and property. They offer services including branding, SEO and social media. They have won multiple awards and have a particular emphasis on community, offering pro bono work and mentoring to the local communities they work in. 



Green Hat

Best for B2B


Green Hat are an agency that focuses on B2B marketing. They offer strategies that engage and convert customers for brands. They offer services such as content marketing, data analytics and web development. They have offices in Melbourne and Sydney. They have worked with clients including Sigma Healthcare and Nestle Professional. 



LickYourPhone Media

Best for viral food and drink campaigns


Lick Your Phone media have over 1.9 million subscribers across their social platforms. Social and viral marketing are one of their key strengths which they implement for brands through effective social media marketing strategies. They provide services including influencer marketing, videography and content creation. In particular they work with hospitality and food brands. This includes major names such as Ben & Jerry’s, McDonalds and Coca Cola. 



Growth Marketing Systems

Best for paid advertising 


GMS specialise in driving revenue for businesses through paid advertising. They work with brands and businesses from around the globe in industries including health, e-commerce and finance. They have generated over $1bn in revenue for their clients. Their work has been featured in GQ and Financial Review.


Megaphone Marketing

Best for driving traffic


Megaphone is based in Brisbane. They focus on creating bespoke solutions for their clients by driving traffic, converting leads and boosting sales. They work with both established brands and start ups. They offer services including Meta and Google Ads, email marketing and SEO services. 



Willow & Blake

Best for progressive brands


Willow & Blake are a female led agency who specialise in social media strategy, visual identity and tone of voice. They work with a variety of clients with a particular focus on female led brands and businesses. They work to build a brand’s profile and reach. Notable clients have included the skincare brand Frank Body, TOM Organic and Good Clean Wine. They offer social media campaigns, copywriting and website design.




Best for non-profits and charities


Parachute focus on working with charities and non-profits. Their main aim is to help organisations raise money for their causes and to reach new audiences and donors. They use services such as UX design and content strategy in order to maximise fundraising. They have worked with organisations including Action Aid and The National Breast Cancer Foundation.



Alpha Digital

Best for big brands 


Alpha Digital focus on working with big brands to deliver business growth through digital strategies. This includes services such as analytics, SEO, content marketing and pay per click. Their client list includes names such as Dermalogica, National Geographic and KMart.


3am Ideas

Best for start ups


3am are based in Perth and focus on working with small businesses and start ups. They offer a full service to newer businesses beginning with consultation through to SEO, social media management and web design. 


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