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Top 30 SEO Agencies in the UK

Overview of SEO in the UK’s Competitive Landscape 

Try typing SEO into Google and see where it gets you. 

It gets you over 1.7 billion hits, with each and every one of them vying for your attention. Now, that can be pretty overwhelming, huh? 

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to get taken by the hand and led through the bracken towards a soundly curated list of the best fits? 

A list of agencies that not only have a track record of adapting to the vision of their clients but specialise in turning up the volume on the message that you want to get out there?

Yeah, that would be pretty helpful for sure… 

Oh wait! Here one is! 

The team at Social Chameleon have put together a breakdown of the UK’s best SEO agencies, with their selection carefully informed by a thoughtfully considered index of key performance axes. 

Want to find out more? We thought so – let’s get started.

Profiles of the Top 30 SEO Agencies in the UK 

Social Chameleon

Found of Social Chameleon a full suit marketing agency that offers many services including SEO

Wait, these guys sound familiar… Didn’t we see them on the centre podium at the ‘Social Media Agency Of The Year’ Awards? Or was it the ‘Digital Agency Of The Year’ Awards? Both? Oh, wait, and that’s us? How funny! 

Hear us out, from Technical, On-Page and Social SEO to Digital PR and Content Marketing the Google Gurus and optimisation experts at Social Chameleon have a proven track-record in all things search engine. 

For a holistic and reliable partner that blends strategic thinking with creative problem-solving, an eye for design and fastidious technical savoir-faire, Social Chameleon is the obvious choice. 

Ignite SEO

Ignite SEO is an agencies in the UK that specialises in SEO conversion.

Ignite SEO is a reliable voice in the SEO conversation. 

Results driven and algorithmically-led, Ignite boasts case studies – such as Fleet Evolution – that have seen over 200% growth rate increases in the span of just a few months after following their simple and easily employing social strategy. 

See how they do it for yourself! 


Web FX is a tech and marketing agency that is great at SEO

As a proprietary technology platform that meets digital marketing services agency, Web FX is an established player in the game. 

Their USP is the plethora of sub-services offered under the Web Umbrella, from MarketingCloud FX offerings to PPC and Lead Gen Services. WebFX provide a multi-prong data-driven approach. 

They look at maximising conversion opportunities and refining ad targeting – making your job of doing what you do best just that little bit easier. 


Digitilize Web is an SEO agency that provides the tools to SEO related errors.

With an eye to what’s perhaps not working well for you, DigitalizeWeb provides the tools to fix things.

Whether that means crawl errors, broken links, XML sitemap issues, or duplicate content, DigitalizeWeb has your back. 

Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon is an award winning SEO Agency in London.

Pearl Lemon comes with a lot of promises. One of them is that they guarantee to double your organic traffic in 180 days. 

Luckily, they tend to deliver. With awards to back them up, and a reputation for being reliable, Pearl Lemon offers a formula for generating an additional 119 inbound leads per month. 

Click the link to find out more. 

Jas Quantum

Jas Quantum is an SEO agency in UK that has an eye for all things technical.

With an eye to all things technical, Jas Quantum are highly attuned and fluent in the algorithm. Their impressive versatility when it comes to facilitating business online and increasing their clients’ click through rates makes them a key player to watch if you’re looking to improve your SEO. 

With a happy portfolio of smiling companies with scaled audiences, it’s well worth giving Jas a look in… 


Ceek is a well established SEO agency in the UK that has worked on the biggest brands.

One of the old boys of the SEO game, Ceek has been there since the start. Based in London, and with over 20 years of experience in the field, this agency offers a comprehensive SEO consultancy package – allowing you to benefit from their learned skills having served time in the sector. 

From Disney to Gail’s, Savoy to Dame, their strategy has worked for some of the biggest brands, driving organic traffic exactly where it needs to go. 


Breakline is an SEO agency that has been recognised as one of the top 10 SEO agencies in the UK

Recently rated number 1 in the SEO space in the UK, Breakline are proud to be niche. 

If you’re looking for a holistic approach, then these guys may not be for you. Full-service? Think again. 

But if you’re looking for a pair of eyes interested in little else and a team of experts trained specifically to optimise your numbers across Google, then you’re in good hands with Breakline.

They focus on one thing and one thing only, SEO. 


Elit - Web is a digital partner that provides more than marketing and a flare for SEO

Offering White Label SEO, Elit-Web caters to the top tier. 

From initial consultation to audit and delivery, they work to create a bespoke approach specifically tailored to your brand’s DNA. 

With 120 experts comprising the Elit-Web team and 2500 successful projects under their belt, they’re a tried-tested-and-delivered choice. 

Ready Steady Go SEO

Ready Steady Go is a pay as you go SEO agency in the UK

Ready Steady Go cuts back with all the frills. They’re not interested in telling you how to update your synergies or maximise your profit-hoogy-ma-flip. They service without the techno-babble. 

At affordable prices, this agency is as competitively priced as they are transparent – giving you real-time updates on their work and communicating clearly their plan for your brand’s success. 

Right Symbol

Whoever the audience is, Right Symbol speaks their language. Prioritising UX across channels, and always with an eye to tailoring your brand to the market, these guys have your back. 

With a digital-first full service focus on business in the context of SEO, Right Symbol never loses sight of boosting your organic traffic and in turn your ROI. 


SeoProfy supports nascent companies with generating their first audience hits. 

With a free consultation and powerful bottom-up link building capabilities, this agency is a brilliant first port of call for companies just starting out. 

BrainZ Digital

Based out of London, BrainZ is an agency with an edge. 

They have a finger on the pulse of the algorithm at all times, and a team that actually communicates their vision for your brand… You’d be surprised!

With a carefully crafted data-driven package, BrainZ incorporates their SEO playbook into a broader schematic of social-first marketing tools that delivers sky-high numbers and smiley-faced clients. 


Remember that old phrase, “it does what it says on the tin?” Yeah, well that applies here. Skale specialise in revenue-driven link building that helps optimise your PQL/SQL growth. 

With control of the whole pipeline, their centring of content in order to drive MRR numbers makes Skale a noteworthy presence in the industry today. 


Gripped provides a useful website grading service to see how you’re doing already. Then, along with a team of content boffins and tech wizards, they make it the best it can be. 

Specialising in B2B SaaS and technology businesses, Gripped brings sales, marketing, and the creatives into conversation at the same table. 


Based out of Brighton, Seed boasts some impressive stats: 

ROI increases to 230% for Petributes, 40% organic user growth for The LOWE Group, just to name a couple. 

Looking to expand in the eCommerce sphere? Get in touch with them today.


As a Specialist Search Marketing Agency, Varn are able to stay ahead of the rest through their effective utilisation of AI tools in line with your classic copy and content centric SEO playbook. 

Instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water, Varn looks to update your current portfolio in line with the shiny new optimisation tools out there. 

Seeker Digital

With backlink profile auditing, editorial outreach, and expansive SEO out-of-hours strategies, Seeker Digital is a top performer when it comes to getting your story heard.

The tenet of their SEO philosophy is encapsulated perfectly in their deliciously named E-A-T programme, focusing on Expertise, Authority and Trust above all else. 

Search Intelligence

Search Intelligence stands out by not simply designing a strategy for improving SEO, but rather building a responsive infrastructure that future proofs your strategy against your competitors. 

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. 

With their close to 100 strong team, Search are adept at putting you in the driving seat with a myriad of socials-first tools that build and deliver comprehensive digital campaigns. 

Want to find out more? Visit the Search Intelligence site today. 

Anicca Digital

A team on the lips of many marketers at the moment, Anicca are a Leicester-based media company punching well above their weight. 

Since 2007, they’ve been fine-tuning brands’ SEO strategies in line with creative, commercial and business interests across the board. 

Digital Dot

Having already created over 650 websites worldwide, Digital Dot are only getting bigger. 

They have a solid reputation and a track record to prove it, boasting more than 300 active happy clients and 48.000 leading positions on Google. Now that’s doing SEO properly. 

Sticky Eyes

Sticky Eyes have diversity at their core. 

With AI bid adjustment based on SEO performance and strategic objectives, and KIT keyword data-driven systems, this agency is tech savvy and a safe pair of hands for anybody overwhelmed with all the media newspeak out there. 

Just Realistic Marketing

Focussing on growth-oriented SMEs, Just Realistic Marketing is a pretty self-explanatory agency! 

They’ve been named ‘The Most Unique Digital Marketing Agency’ of 2023 and for good reason. Click the link to find out more!


Finding the right SEO partner can sometimes seem like a daunting task. 

Part of that owes to the astronomical price tag that some companies attach to their services. 

Well, Delante is different; alongside their paid schematic, Delante also offers a range of free SEO tools to get you started. If you like them, you may just want to look at how you can scale your audience to even greater heights through their premium systems. 

Liberty Marketing

Liberty marketing but creativity first and pride themselves on being consistently and reliably proactive in their relationship with clients. 

With training and consultancy on offer at the moment too, what’s stopping you from getting in touch? 


Winner of the EU Search Awards for Best use of Search (B2B) and Most Innovative Campaign (SEO), Semetrical operate across Europe with style and flair. 

Their analytics-driven approach to SEO focusses on brand’s KPIs in their site audits to enhance strengths as well as simply avoiding weaknesses. 


Sometimes all the recipe needs is a dash of salt. 

Their four-stage simple roadmap to scaling audiences and increasing ROI is split into the following steps: Crawl, Render, Index and Rank. 

In other words your site should be “crawl”-able, “rendered” easily by Google, and therefore “Index”-able and finally – and crucially – ranked highly in accordance with user interests. 

This formula has allowed Salt to accrue an impressive list of happy clients. Find out more about how you can become one. 


Polaris has an eye on both domestic and international solutions when it comes to SEO.

Operating across 25+ countries, the agency is especially adept at helping you break into overseas markets, blending transcreation skills, with marketing, socials-first campaign building and data-driven search engine tools. 

Code Design

With a nearly 90% digital client retention rate and a referral rate 376% higher than the industry average, it’s easy to see that Code Design are a popular choice. 

But why? 

Well, from Nestle to Microsoft, it could have something to do with their impressive list of client success stories so far. With testimonials coming out the wazoo, Code are excellent client relationship builders – see how they can support you today. 

4 Doctor Marketing Agency

An SEO marketing agency offering something different, 4 Doctor Marketing Agency caters exclusively to the healthcare sector. 

So, if you’re looking for support building the perfect health site to boost patient UX and drive higher organic traffic rates, these guys could be the ideal choice. 

Focussing specifically on Google’s Core Web vitals, namely: loading (LCP), interactivity (FID) and stability (CLS), 4 Doctor is as technical as it is innovative – with stats to prove it. 

Find out more by clicking the link. 

Tips for Selecting the Right SEO Partner 

Finding the right agency to handle your SEO is a little like planning the perfect dinner party. It’s not enough to bang something in the microwave and hope for the best. 

Oh no, you need a breadth and a depth of specialisms to know what’s appropriate and how to deliver. 

Industry knowledge is essential. Allergies? Noted and planned for. Business dos and don’ts? Catered towards. 

If your SEO partner is the sort of teammate that doesn’t forget the invitations, that handles communication on the night and that routinely and reliably makes you look good, well then you’ve found the right one.

Conclusion: Boosting Your SEO with the Best in the Business 

At the end of the day, choosing the right SEO partner to boost the volume on your brand and let your business thrive is a skill that can’t be overlooked. 

It’s no good having a voice, if people aren’t directed in your direction to hear it. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you working with an agency that understands you and recognises the value of your story today. 

Need further help with all things SEO? Feel free to get in touch!

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