Lizzie has several years of experience working with content creation and management. She achieved a BA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Birmingham, before developing a career in PR and comms.

Social Chameleon: Feeling ’22

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

It’s safe to say – it’s been quite the year! Most people tend to feel torn between feeling like the year has flown by, and looking back with bewilderment at how much actually happened in 365 days! So, inspired by the 2022 montage reels that are dominating our feeds at the moment, we thought we’d take a little trip down memory lane ourselves. 2022 has been a year of exciting changes – all of which we’ve adapted to, in true Chameleon fashion – and exponential growth for our agency.

So, raise your champagne glass high, as we toast to 2022, and the year to come. We all know a toast tends to be a lowdown of all the ‘best bits’, so we’re ready to share some of our highlights with you – specifically in the form of last year’s new year resolutions that excitingly came into fruition!

 To Be Home Owners 

At the end of last year, we were very excited to move into our Central London office! The Social Chameleon team is continuously growing, and we are proud to have team members from across the UK. Whilst we still encourage hybrid working, we believe that true collaboration best occurs in person – hence our decision to commit to a state-of-the-art office space. Work culture is crucial to any team dynamic, and our team certainly enjoys the ability to interact beyond a screen! Our shiny new office also gives us ample opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, film engaging content and – did somebody say “Social Chameleon Podcast”? Watch this space, 2023!

 To Journey Abroad

Gallivanting across the globe is often high up on people’s resolution lists. In our case, we were particularly excited to venture abroad… as, in 2022, this involved us travelling to Milan to meet our longstanding clients at BKT Europe. The nature of our work allows us to seamlessly collaborate with our international clients overseas in a remote capacity, but we all know that nothing beats face-to-face collaboration!

After almost a year of working together, it was amazing to experience first-hand some of the campaigns and sports sponsorships that BKT are working on (hello Rugby World Cup 2023!), and strategize together for the future. We very much enjoyed our time in the BKT Universe – so much so, that we’re returning to Italy later this month!

 To Give Back to Our Community

2022 has been a tough year for many. Not only are we living in the aftermath of the pandemic, but we are in the midst of both the climate crisis and the cost-of-living crisis. As a rapidly growing business, we believe that we have a responsibility to use our platform to help combat these issues, and support the communities around us. Therefore, throughout 2022, our agency brainstormed different ways that we could best use our resources to give back – and soon ‘unearthed’ an exciting plan.

We are pleased to say that, this month, we are launching ‘Social Chameleon: Unearthed’: a new branch of our agency dedicated to social impact. Our first ‘Unearthed’ project offers pro-bono digital marketing services to small companies and charities within our chosen sector; this year, we are honing our focus on businesses within the food industry, whose work specifically contributes to combatting the food crisis. Many small businesses don’t have the budget for a top-quality agency’s help – which unfortunately sets them at an automatic disadvantage when up against the fierce competition in their industry. Therefore, we want to work with small organisations that don’t currently have a significant presence online, and make a direct impact on their future, far beyond the pro-bono period.

Whether your business aims to reduce food waste, or contributes to the fight against food poverty, we want to hear from you!

 To Switch Up Our Style

We’ve all heard the mantra: “New Year, New You,” – and we are very excited to soon be launching our new website! After recently reaching our two-year milestone, we decided that we were long overdue for a rebrand. We can’t wait to share our revamped website with you, which showcases our new Chameleon colours.

People don’t simply switch up their style without substance – and neither do businesses! Our rebrand showcases our evolution into a leading agency in the digital and creative space – and our vision for further growth in the years to come. We hope you like our new look as much as we do!

 To Be an Award-Winning Agency

Not to brag, but 2022 was our year! Awards are so much more than shiny accolades to proudly display on your website; they are living proof of the hours of hard work and exciting achievements accumulated throughout the year. For Social Chameleon, awards are the manifestation of just how far our agency has come since its inception, back in 2020.

We are very proud to be ‘Winner Of ‘Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency’ 2022, and after being shortlisted in three categories at the UK Agency Awards, we are also ‘Winner of Social Media Agency of the Year’ 2022.

Happy New Year, from our team to yours. We can’t wait to see which of this year’s resolutions come true! All we can say is… bring on 2023!

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