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Social Chameleon houses a team of over twenty innovative, dynamic experts across all areas of digital marketing. Many of our team members have long-standing relationships working together as freelancers prior to forming the agency, and this set the precedent for our highly collaborative team culture.

Despite being a social media-focussed agency, we firmly believe that holistic expertise across the entire marketing mix is crucial in today’s uber-connected world.Our extensive knowledge gives our team a stronger appreciation of how each individual marketing activity works in tandem to deliver key organisational goals for our clients. 

As a young agency, we have grown eightfold since our inception in 2020, a testament to our innovative, ‘out-of-the-box’ approach, and our ability to deliver results for our clients time and time again. 

Originally established in London, our agency has now grown to include both our Central London office, as well as our Melbourne office. Offering clients a 24 hour service that facilitates an ‘always-on’ approach to their accounts.

If you’re looking for a team that shares your commitment to excellence and a determination to pull ahead of your competitors, then look no further.


Jemima Myers is our founder and CEO, having founded the agency in 2020 out of a successful freelance career. 

After eight years of experience in marketing and communications, Jemima reflected on how much the industry had changed within that short period of time. She quickly understood that adaptability and agility were key components of a successful digital strategy and she began to develop a system for projecting industry trends and developments in future. 

Through her research she has found one constant. From localised markets to globalisation and from globalisation to digitisation – we are constantly striving for new, enhanced ways to connect. With this in mind, she has envisaged an approach to marketing in which all tools and touch points are considered in tandem – as an integrated, omni-channel approach.

A pioneer within her industry, Jemima is paving the way for a new approach in social media marketing, combining principles for search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital PR with social media and content strategy.

Our Values

At Social Chameleon, our actions revolve around our core values. First and foremost, we continuously strive for growth, even in the toughest environments. Much like our namesake, we are highly adaptable, and don’t shy away from working with brands that are perhaps not in the most marketable of industries. Instead, we face all challenges head on, and commit to making your business current, shiny and sellable!

Secondly, we are committed to excellence – which we like to call the main wonder of the marketing world! A commitment to high quality should be central to any digital marketing strategy, as without it, your business will have no chance of standing out amidst the competitive crowd. You have no option other than being the best of the best, and Social Chameleon’s dedication to excellence is the fast track way of getting you there.

Moreover, we see ourselves as a vehicle for positive transformation – also known as metamorphosis in the natural world. Much like the renowned life cycle of the caterpillar to butterfly, Social Chameleon’s passion for transformative marketing extends to our impact on the world around us. We have therefore recently formed an exciting new branch of our agency called ‘Chameleon Social’, which is dedicated to Social Impact.

Finally, Social Chameleon champions an open environment. We welcome the diversity of each team member, as we believe that every individual has something unique to offer through their own lived experiences. This is why we are passionate about having an open working culture, giving all team members the freedom to express their ideas, creatively collaborate and think outside the box. At Social Chameleon, we believe that a nurturing environment leads to thriving independent thinkers.

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