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Marketing 101 – go where your consumers are… and chances are, they’re on social media.

According to Statista, 5.17 billion people around the world will use social media in 2024 – almost 70% of the global population. Yet, far from its reputation as an awareness and community building tool, social media platforms are rapidly evolving into one-stop-shops for attracting, engaging and selling to your target audience.

However, in a world where more and more businesses are turning to social media marketing platforms to tap into their potential, how do you stand out?

Our Expertise

There are hundreds of purported social media ‘experts’ out there, and even more ‘how-to’ guides on how to grow your social media following. However, too few strategies really hone in on the important stuff – your core business goals (aka sales!) 

For years, social media marketing has been plagued with ‘wishy-washy’ metrics – such as engagement rate and following – but none of these metrics translate into clear ROI.

Despite our reputation as a leading provider of social media services, our team comprises a diverse set of marketing experts – spanning SEO, Design, PR and more. This allows us to offer clients integrated social media strategies, providing transparency on where social media “fits” within an organisation’s wider marketing plan, as well as tracking metrics that communicate real value (rather than likes and follows). 

Looking to expand your customer base into a new market? We will track demographic data. Want to understand how many sales are coming from social media? We will work with you to build an attribution model.

Despite the name, it’s amazing how many businesses and brands overlook the “social” in social media. At Social Chameleon, we unlock the true potential of social media through engagement and community building. Through implementing UGC campaigns and brand advocacy strategies, we get online users to do your bidding for you – helping to leverage social media as a digital WOM platform.

It’s no secret that social media has become a jungle of content – with users, creators and brands alike competing for virtual ‘real-estate’ on platforms. Competition is stiff, and it is no longer enough for businesses to create a few posts a week and to expect growth. 

To successfully leverage the potential of social media marketing, businesses must create a rigorous social media strategy, focussing on high quality content, proper community engagement, consistent posting – whilst also being reactive to trending news and challenges. Because of this, many brands struggle to effectively in-house social media services.

Our team offers expertise across the full social media mix – from strategy, to community management, design and reactive content – presenting businesses with a clear solution for full-service social media management.

Multi-Award Winning Social Media Services

Why take our word for it? Alongside a host of reviews and recommendations from our clients (and a client retention rate of 94%) Social Chameleon is also the winner of Social Media Agency of the Year 2022, runner-up for Social Media Agency of the Year 2023 and won the ProcureCon Dragon’s Den Award for our trademarked Social Media SEO approach.

Social Media Marketing services

Why Social Media?

There is a plethora of social media platforms now available to users – each attracting diverse demographic groups, distinguishable by their likes, interests, age, location and more. This presents brands with an opportunity to develop marketing strategies that are tailored to different audiences with ease.
We now live in a hyper-connected world and social media has broken down the barrier between brands and consumers, accommodating two-way conversations that can propel sales growth and brand advocacy through effective community management and UGC strategies.
Users do the heavy lifting – well, you still have to work on your own strategy(!), but today’s social media users love to share their thoughts and recommendations on social media – and many even use social media to research relevant products or services before buying.
In addition to allowing brands to reach users from all over the world, the majority of social media platforms now also offer a host of tools and features (both paid and organic) to allow brands to localise content to specific countries and regions.
Social media marketing is cost effective – and remains one of the cheapest ways for brands to reach and advertise to prospective users vs other traditional marketing methods.

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