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Some say “the best things in life are free”, but here, we’d have to disagree. In today’s competitive digital world, organic will only get you so far, and even a great organic presence can be unreliable from time to time. Paid media encompasses a range of paid services that can help propel your business growth in a setting where businesses have greater control of the outcome. This includes paid advertising on search engines (such as Google ads), social media ads (such as Facebook ads), as well as programmatic advertising. From budget planning, through to creative development and performance analytics – our team offers the very best of paid ads management across a range of platforms and client industries.

Our Expertise

Ideally, you’d organically rank for all of your services and products on page one of Google. But the reality is that, for most industries, SEO is a slow and competitive process, and Paid ads can deliver results much quicker – in fact, immediately. Because of this, many of our clients opt to pair paid search ads with an SEO strategy. 

Our paid search specialists can work with you to develop strategies that deliver more clicks and conversions at a competitive and profitable CPA.

Unlike paid search, social media advertising allows brands to target users based on demographics and interests – often allowing advertisers to tap into highly nuanced communities or target demographics. With social media advertising spanning from Facebook ads through to TikTok ads, paid social media advertising also offers an almost unlimited reach for businesses. Our team works with brands to understand key objectives and target users, and then advise on appropriate channel selection, ad objectives and creative.

The very best ads don’t look like ads at all – and that’s what we endeavour to create for our clients. Today’s savvy digital native can spot an ad from a mile off and in most instances, they will flick past without a second thought for the content that was just in front of them. Our in-house content connoisseurs work closely with our paid ads specialists to hone in on target audience pain points and solutions to develop creative messaging that attracts and resonates with the user.

Adaptable at our Core

Adaptability comes naturally to us as chameleons, and nowhere is this more fruitful than with paid advertising. The real magic of a successful paid campaign is continual performing monitoring and campaign iterations – optimising set-up, delivery and creatives in line with user behaviour, competitor strategies and campaign performance.

Why Us?

All paid media channels have their own idiosyncrasies – from best performing creative, through to formats and available campaign objectives. There is no “one-size-fits-all’ approach and what works for one platform, almost certainly will not work for another. Likewise, end users use different platforms for different things. Users may proactively search for products and services on search engines, but typically head to social media to be entertained (and may happen to stumble across products and services whilst scrolling). We offer expertise across all core paid advertising channels, helping our clients get the very best ROI on each platform they invest in.
Good, bad or ugly – we’ll give you the full low-down on campaign performance – with all the trimmings! Importantly, we will offer strategic advice on where to go next. It sounds simple, but many paid advertising agencies fail to do the basics brilliantly here.
Our paid media services are managed in-house, meaning your campaigns are always under the watchful eye of your dedicated paid media manager to identify and react to performance fluctuations or patterns quickly. For our clients this means that the campaign budget is quickly moved away from any low-performing ads and diverted towards best-performing ads or ad-groups – helping ensure that your budget goes that little bit further!

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