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Influencer marketing is tough. Finding the right influencers for your brand is time consuming and littered with pitfalls (such as fake followers or previous brand affiliations), navigating contracts can be a mine-field and evaluating campaign performance can be tricky without native access to influencer data. Sound familiar?

Yet, with 63% of consumers likely to buy products from an influencer they trust, the influencer marketing sector continues to flourish – with brands doubling the budget they apportioned for influencer marketing between 2022 and 2023.

Successful influencer marketing really boils down to an array of expertise in the field (spanning legal to data analysis) and existing knowledge and relationships of influencers and creators across a range of sectors. Understandably, this isn’t something easily implemented in-house – which is why many brands turn to influencer marketing agencies such as us.

Our Expertise

Researching relevant influencers for your influencer marketing campaign is laborious and difficult without the right softwares and industry knowledge. However, softwares is expensive and often the costs outweigh the benefits – especially for brands only running 1-2 influencer campaigns per year. As a specialist social media and influencer marketing agency, these softwares are the bread and butter of our influencer campaigns – we have the very best tools and we know how to use them efficiently to develop targeted lists of relevant influencers for campaigns. Alongside this, our in-house influencer team have extensive knowledge of influencers across a wide range of platforms and industries, often allowing us to call on influencers we know or have worked with before.

Whilst often overlooked, vetting is arguably one of the most important aspects of influencer marketing. It helps ensure that the influencers shortlisted are qualified for your campaign and that their audience base aligns with the target audience for the campaign. Perhaps most importantly, vetting also allows us to ensure that the influencer hasn’t worked with competitors, or worked with brands or industries that go against your business’ ethics or values. Our rigorous vetting process helps give brands the peace of mind that campaigns will deliver a return on investment, and won’t result in potential brand reputational issues.

Drawing up contracts with influencers can be time-consuming and requires flexibility for different creators – whilst also staying firm on fundamentals that protect your brand and your investment. 


Unlike other agencies, we offer an in-house legal Director (also a practising Barrister in Commercial Law at the London bar) who is able to assist with the proper construction and amendment of contracts between brands and creators to ensure all parties are clear on inputs, outputs and rights.

Effective evaluation of influencer campaign performance often relies on obtaining the relevant data for the campaign from participating influencers. Through our influencer management team we remove the stress of trying to get data out of influencers by managing the relationship for you.

When paired with effective vetting and a proper contract with clear deliverables, we are consistently able to present clients with data on ROI, as well as helping them to make informed decisions about ongoing collaborations with high-performing influencers in the future.

Driving Costs Down, Whilst Increasing ROI

Looking to implement influencer marketing campaigns at a lower cost? Our ‘UG-ME’ might be for you! Every month, we send monthly discovery boxes to high-performing influencers and creators across a range of sectors.

Each of these boxes contain up to five products that are relevant to the influencer’s online niche – spanning from beauty to food – and even books!

Charging just £25 per placement, per gift box, UG-ME is a great way to scope out the benefits of influencer marketing for your brand, and drive results in a low-cost, low-risk, yet effective manner.

Why Us?

Tap into our extensive database of over 5000+ influencers globally! From foodies to fashionistas, gamers to entrepreneurs – we’ve got an influencer for you. Plus, every influencer on our database has been through a pre-vetting process to validate audience authenticity.

Few agencies get to boast a Magic Circle Barrister as part one of their Directors… Thankfully, we can. When working with influencers there is always the risk of putting your product or service into the hands of someone with the ability to ‘make or break’ your business. We can offer you peace of mind with clear contract deliverables, proper guidance on advertising standards for influencers and ‘non-embarrassment’ clauses.

It’s no secret that influencer campaigns are costly, making larger campaigns somewhat inaccessible for small or medium sized budgets. With our innovative UG-ME service, we can make large-scale influencer marketing campaigns possible for a fraction of the cost of traditional influencer marketing campaigns.

Clear contracts + clear communication = better data. It’s that simple! We can help brands properly evaluate the impact and success of their campaigns, as well as make informed decisions about subsequent campaigns or collaborations with high-impact influencers.

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