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How Podcasts can Transform your Marketing Strategy in 2021

There are currently two million active podcasts and more than 48 million episodes in existence, covering pretty much every topic imaginable. With the popularity of podcasts continuing to grow, many brands are incorporating podcasts in their digital marketing strategy.

When done right, podcast marketing can transform your personal brand and business. Social media mogul and ‘Dragons Den’ star Steven Bartlett revealed how he went from starting the ‘Diary of a CEO’ podcast with a £90 microphone, to it becoming one of the best podcasts of 2021, making him a whopping $1.2m per year.

In this blog, we’ll be explaining why podcast marketing is so effective, and our top tips on how to implement podcasts into your business strategy.

What is a podcast?

Simply put, a podcast is a piece of pre-recorded spoken audio content that can be downloaded onto a device and listened to whenever you like. Podcasts often come in the form of a series, with a number of different episodes, all around a central theme. A podcast may have one host or a range of hosts, and often feature interviews with guests each episode, who share their stories and advice on a particular topic.

You can find podcasts on a number of different streaming sites such as: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music and Pocketcasts.

At Social Chameleon, our team loves listening to podcasts to stay ahead of the curve in the world of digital marketing, or just to relax in our free time. Some of our best podcasts in 2021 include The High Performance PodcastDiary of a CEOThe Goal Digger and The Digital Marketing Podcast.

Why are podcasts so popular?

Over the past decade, podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. From the latest news to insights on business strategy, health and everything in between, there really is a podcast for everyone. Because of how popular podcasts have become, podcast marketing has become a buzzword in every brand’s business strategy.

Part of the appeal of podcasts is just how easily they fit into our busy lives; you can listen to a podcast whilst working out, commuting, walking the dog or just winding down after a busy day. They also are easy to access, as you have millions of podcasts at your fingertips on streaming sites that you likely are already subscribed to.

Why should I start a podcast for my business?

  • Connect with your audience 

Your audience might feel like they don’t have time to sit and watch a video and read an article, but the beauty of a podcast is that it can be listened to on the go.

Podcasts tend to be longer than other content you might put out (the average podcast episode is 38 minutes long), so it offers a real opportunity to connect with your audience and dive deep into a topic.

There is something far more personal about hearing someone’s voice in your ear with no interruptions, as opposed to reading an article or even watching a video. The long form nature of podcasts allows for more open and honest conversation, and this personal connection allows your audience to get to know the people behind the brand.

  • Increase brand recognition 

Like any form of content marketing, podcast marketing can help your brand to reach new audiences through genuine engagement.

We might be talking about podcast marketing, but this doesn’t mean that your podcast should be ‘sales-y’, it should be more about you and the people talking then just about your brand, but just featuring your brand’s name and logo in the podcast is enough to be remembered.

By posting snippets of your podcast on social media such as Instagram and LinkedIn, you can encourage new listeners who then in turn will understand more about your business and are more likely to become loyal customers. Just like TV shows or anything else that we like, your listeners might recommend your podcast to friends, helping your audience to grow.

  • Opportunities to monetize 

You may be wondering: “how do I make money from a podcast?”. The truth is that you can monetize from podcast marketing in a number of different ways. Firstly, podcast marketing helps you to grow your brand and reach new audiences, so you may expect to see increased customer loyalty and sales as a result.

Another way that you can monetize your podcast is through advertising and sponsorship, where you can partner with a brand and promote them in exchange for access to your listeners. Just bear in mind that this might come further down the line once you have built up a loyal following.

How to start a podcast

  • Just start 

If you’re wondering how to start a podcast, the best thing to do is just start. You don’t necessarily need fancy equipment, just a microphone, a quiet space and an idea about what you want to talk about. The beauty of podcast marketing compared to other types of marketing is that it is relatively inexpensive to get started.

  • Find your niche 

With millions of podcasts out there, it’s no use trying to please everyone.

Choosing a topic that you like talking about is key, it will help you to theme your episodes and consistently produce content that your audience will enjoy. When it comes to your business, make sure that you’re focusing on areas of your industry that you are interested in and where you can provide the most value for your listeners.

Finding your niche can also help you pick guests that will drive listeners to your podcast. For example, if you run a wellness business, look for guests who are popular in the wellness industry and that are a good fit for your brand.

  • Consider your audience

Just like any other type of marketing, the key to a successful podcast marketing s to create content that your audience finds interesting and will engage with. Listen to popular podcasts that are similar to what you are aiming to create and ask yourself what about them do you like and what do you think could be done better.

The most sure fire way to know what your audience wants to listen to is to ask them, and to continue to ask for their feedback as you go.

  • Promote your podcast 

Promoting your podcast is absolutely essential. After all, you can create the best podcast out there but it doesn’t matter if no one knows it exists.

One of the best places to promote your podcast is via social media, depending on your audience, it might change what platform you use. For example, you can post snippets of your podcast on your Instagram or LinkedIn page or invite guests to share your podcast on their own social media channels.

At Social Chameleon, our team of digital marketing experts are on hand to help you navigate the ever-changing digital world. Get in touch today at or by filling out the enquiry form on our contact page.

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