Content Creation

Crafting A Visual Showcase for a Global Audio Leader


Content Creation

Crafting A Visual Showcase for a Global Audio Leader


The Challenge

Revitalising an Audio Trailblazer

At the outset of a brand revitalization initiative, a global leader in the radio and audio space approached us to support them in implementing their updated branding strategy.

The client, formerly a prominent radio manufacturer in the UK, sought to regain lost market share amidst competitor growth in the audio industry. 

As a component of their brand revitalisation efforts, they aimed to revamp their previous social media content and establish a strong link between their products and their fresh branding.

Moving away from graphic-heavy design, the client aimed to pivot towards a simple, bright colour palette, and aimed to spotlight the joy of the everyday.

Our Solution

Capturing Auditory Radiance

One aspect of our strategy included the creation of more stylistic content, spotlighting our devices in diverse interior settings. This approach aimed to appeal to individuals actively seeking sophisticated audio solutions that seamlessly integrate into their modern living spaces.

The client’s refreshed brand guidelines included sleek, simple design, and highlighted their desire for inclusiveness and every-day use. A key part of the client’s brand guidelines included emphasising their ‘delightfully simple’ audio products, and the joyful inclusion of music in the every-day. Our creative team came up with a full-scale Social Media strategy, which included a photoshoot concept aimed at showcasing different settings for the client’s diverse range of products. The products in question are adaptable for different situations, and we wanted to highlight where and when to have a Pure speaker in different stylish scenarios.


Sonic Sensation in a Visual Showcase

Our photoshoot produced terrific results, which the client was delighted with. We curated various indoor settings as well as stylish atmospheres for the shots, which gave different opportunities for use by the client. 

From the hustle and bustle of everyday life to serene moments of relaxation, we seamlessly integrated the ‘everyday’ use of their products into our imagery. Our aim was to skillfully highlight the sleek and ‘delightfully simple’ design of the speakers, accentuating their modern aesthetic appeal. 

The photoshoot not only captured the physical attributes of the speakers but also encapsulated the brand’s values of inclusivity, accessibility, and versatility. Through our imagery, we effectively communicated the brand’s ability to seamlessly integrate into any lifestyle while delivering an exceptional audio experience for all.

All of the content and materials were used by the client for their ongoing posts, and we continue to curate photoshoots for the client’s Social content.

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