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10 Tips for Marketing your Business this Spring

It’s official – Spring has sprung! And with longer, sunnier days and new beginnings galore, come a whole host of opportunities for marketing your business. So, without further ado, let us guide you through our top 10 marketing tips for the Spring season.

1) Spring Cleaning

We all try our best to get into the habit of ‘spring cleaning’ our homes: the ultimate fresh start to the season. So, in the same vein, why not give your company’s website a spring clean? This could involve refreshing web pages; for example, is your team page up to date? Has your homepage been updated with your company’s latest news? And when did you last share a new blog post, detailing the latest trends in your industry? Not only can an outdated website put off potential customers, it also endangers your Google ranking. So, make sure you get spring cleaning!

What’s more, once you’ve refreshed and rejuvenated your site, you also must ensure you dust those pesky nooks and crannies! Tasks such as proof-reading your website copy, reviewing your analytics and checking for broken links are simple – and vital to the overall professionalism and functionality of your website.

2) Be Bold

Whether you’re launching a spring campaign, or simply looking to spruce up your social media, use a colour palette that feels suitably seasonal. Bright, pastel colours and floral imagery are particularly symbolic of Spring – so why not incorporate these into your Instagram designs or even your main homepage! Make your content vibrant, matching your target market’s post-Winter energy – we’d all be lying if we didn’t admit that the first glimpse of sunshine filled us with beans! Particularly after a Christmas wrought with Covid restrictions… (but let’s not go there!)

3) Repurpose Your Content

Spring is historically renowned as the season of rebirth and renewal. So, when setting out your April content plan, it could bode well to take this literally. Repurposing content can be both time-saving and surprisingly innovative. From updating old blog posts with new insights, to transforming customer reviews into case studies, there are endless opportunities to repurpose your content.

4) Better Together

Another wholesome theme of March, April and May is togetherness. Therefore, where possible, align your content with liked-minded morals and messages, such as the importance of family and friends, companionship and community. This can be achieved through use of keywords and imagery, and even through specific Spring campaigns. Again, in the aftermath of Covid-19 restrictions, a large proportion of the UK is keen to get back out into the real world, now relishing face-to-face interactions more than ever. So, why not organise a Spring workshop or industry event, bringing customers and/or co-workers together, and celebrating the unadulterated joy of comradeship and community.

5) A New Lease of Life

2022 is the year for new beginnings – we can feel it in our bones! We’re still (just about!) in the first half of the year, so for many, it isn’t too late to try out new things and fulfil new year goals. The popular trend of hashtagging “New Year, New Me” can be overwhelming for some, particularly if those dreaded January Blues hit. So, Spring is often hailed as the ideal time to reinvent yourself, to take charge and control of your life.

In addition to referencing these empowering themes in your Spring content, why not take your own advice? To start, a great example of trying out new things could be switching up your media. How about biting the bullet and finally starting that new podcast? Different forms of media allow you to share your content with a wider audience, and when done right, podcast marketing in particular can transform your brand and business. Plus – podcasts are all the rage right now!

6) We’re All Going On A Spring Holiday

Don’t worry, that wasn’t a typo. While the Summer holidays often take centre-stage in the world of marketing, let’s not neglect Easter! Within your Spring marketing strategy, it’s important to take note of and capitalise on key events. Events such as: Mother’s Day (March 27th), World Health Day (April 7th), Easter (April 17th) and Earth Day (April 22nd) should all be marked in your calendars! Easter, for example, is a family-friendly international holiday which can be built up to through a week-long social media campaign.

7) Competition Time

The aforementioned holidays can be a great time to work a social media competition or giveaway into your campaign. Whether it’s a Facebook contest – with an Easter-themed prize, of course! – an Instagram poll or a new Tiktok trend, these campaigns can draw focus on seasonal themes of togetherness, while engaging your audience and introducing your brand to new faces. Additionally, you can gain more leverage for these ventures through Influencer collaborations – which is also a great hack for boosting that all-important follower count!

8) Spring Savings

Let’s not lie, many of us are still valiantly recovering from tax month! So, if you are able, it’s simply good manners to offer deals or discounts on products: an Easter basket, if you will! It’s human nature to opt for a cheaper, discounted option – particularly if said product clearly states that it is saving you money! Therefore, you are likely to make an even bigger return on those sought-after “2 for 1” deals. If your business is a service-based start up, another option could be to offer a free taster workshop to potential customers. Not only does the word “free” greatly appeal to any demographic, this type of event can prove crucial to the brand awareness phase of your business, as it increases the likelihood that participants will return and subscribe to your service as paying customers, later down the line.

9) Promote Sustainability efforts

Many consumers rightfully believe that brands are just as responsible to drive social change as governments; therefore, sharing the sustainable development of your business is a great way to engage and build trust with your customers. While you should certainly aim to promote sustainable practices all year round, Spring is often renowned as the time to wholeheartedly embrace Mother Nature, making it the ultimate opportunity to highlight the importance of sustainability – in your business, and worldwide. So, in light of Earth Day (April 22nd), ensure that your Spring campaign both directly and indirectly references the biggest global epidemic of all: the climate crisis. Also, when strategizing this month, question whether or not you could be doing more. Are there are more sustainable practices you could employ? Could this be the month that your business truly “goes green”?

10) Rebrand

While this, of course, is not a necessity, the Springtime themes of rebirth and renewal could potentially inspire you to rebrand your business. Whether it’s a small change or a total overhaul, rebranding ensures that your brand continues to reflect your business’ values – and those of your target market. Rebranding can consist of changing or adapting your business’ name, refreshing your logo and/or colour palette, and reassessing your brand’s voice and messaging. If you feel like the time is right, Spring may just be the season that your brand is reborn!

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