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Top 20 London TikTok Agencies to Work with in 2024

TikTok has transcended its initial perception as a mere consumer gimmick to emerge as a pivotal marketing platform, boasting unparalleled reach and engagement. Agencies now play a vital role as architects of viral sensations, skilfully manoeuvring through algorithms and trends to curate compelling content. Their strategic acumen and creative prowess elevate brands authentically, ensuring they shine amidst the competitive digital milieu.

Explore our top picks below for navigating TikTok’s opportunities:


Social Chameleon

Best results

Best results overall Tiktok agency in London

Well, what did you expect? Social Chameleon leads the pack in TikTok marketing with a unique approach. Prioritising engagement within specific communities, especially in agricultural and industrial sectors, we inject fun and relatability into educational content. By staying abreast of trends, the agency ensures authentic brand interaction, making clients integral to communities and yielding positive results. Emphasising SEO optimisation and standout content, our adaptable strategies revolve around audience understanding, goals, and available resources.


House of Marketers

Best for TikTok influencer campaigns

Best for TikTok influencer campaigns

House of Marketers excels in TikTok influencer campaigns, delivering viral and ROI-focused marketing globally. The team works with a vast network of over 250k+ influencers, creating captivating content for your TikTok business profile. 



Best for Generation Z

Best for Generation Z - Fanbytes

Fanbytes is a frontrunner in targeting Generation Z. With a sharp focus on this demographic, the agency guarantees concrete results for clients across various platforms, notably TikTok. Boasting a team of technologists and seasoned professionals, Fanbytes excels in bridging the gap with younger consumers, leveraging a profound understanding of their preferences and behaviours.



The Social Shepherd 

Best for content strategy and creation

Best for content strategy and creation - Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd prides itself on its expert team managing every aspect of TikTok campaigns, from strategy and content creation to account management and community engagement. With a focus on viral growth, it stays ahead of platform updates to keep your content optimised. The firm harnesses influencers and creators as production partners, amplifying content across owned brand channels. 



The Short Media 

Best knowledge of how TikTok works

Best knowledge of how TikTok works - the short media

You could do worse than consider an agency founded by…ex-TikTokers. The team specialises in maximising ROI and engagement for brands on the platform. It understands the unique dynamics and behaviour, enabling it to create compelling content that resonates with the TikTok community. Services include strategy development, content creation, influencer partnerships, and ad management. 


LiveUp Media 

Best for slick corporate videos

Best for slick corporate videos - Live up media

Led by freelance TikTok videographer Allan Rowland, LiveUP Media stands at the forefront of crafting dynamic social media content that fortifies brands through indisputable social proof. Its repertoire encompasses a wide array of services, from meticulously crafted cinematic filming to captivating commercial production, immersive digital storytelling, and pioneering post-production techniques. Whether tasked with generating high-octane promotional material or orchestrating expansive video campaigns, LiveUP Media is great for burgeoning startups and entrenched enterprises alike. 



Demand More 

Best for TikTok advertising

Best for TikTok advertising - Demand more

Demand More is a performance media agency specialising in TikTok advertising. Democratising expertise and enterprise-level technology, the firm empowers small and growing brands for unprecedented growth. Its data-driven approach, collaboration with design teams, and quick-win strategies optimize ad performance efficiently.

Socially Powerful  

Best for understanding trends and algorithms


Best for understanding trends and algorithms - Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful understands TikTok effortlessly, contributing to the platform’s growth since 2018. Its profound grasp of the platform’s dynamics, trends and algorithms ensures brands navigate the platform with precision and effectiveness, amplifying voice and impact meaningfully.



Best for gaming

Best for gaming-Audiencely

Audiencly is the self-styled “leading TikTok marketing agency for gaming brands and communities”. Its approach blends strategic prowess with creative flair, aiming to hit that sweet spot in TikTok marketing campaigns. Its ultimate mission is to grab attention, connect with the right crowds, and bring home concrete results for brands navigating the ever-changing marketing terrain.




Best all-rounder

Red Pill - The all rounder

Redpill offers comprehensive services beyond influencer management and content creation, ensuring alignment with your business goals. Collaborating with global brands and influential individuals worldwide, Redpill forges stronger connections between you and your audience. With a track record including brands like L’Oréal Paris and Canon, it delivers impactful results.



We are Komodo

Best for events 


We Are Komodo showcases its vibrant team culture, office activities, and events on TikTok. Services include influencer campaigns, content creation, events & activations, and social media management.



The Influencer Marketing Factory 

Best bespoke service


The Influencer Marketing Factory specialises in crafting impactful TikTok influencer marketing campaigns tailored to client needs. Customised strategies aim for engagement, followership, and revenue growth, ensuring peace of mind and strong ROI from campaign inception to completion.


Pearl Lemon Group 

Best for engaging content for business profiles


A comprehensive TikTok marketing service provider, Pearl Lemon Group specialises in creating engaging content for business profiles, running influencer campaigns, and offering customised marketing strategies for small businesses and restaurants. Services extend to brand promotion, leveraging top TikTok influencers and ads to help businesses and individuals enhance their social media presence. Its deep understanding of the TikTok platform and its features means Pearl can make businesses the next viral hit on TikTok. 





Best suite of solutions


HypeFactory delivers a powerhouse of TikTok marketing solutions. Specialising in crafting captivating content for business profiles and orchestrating influencer campaigns, it tailors strategies to fuel brand expansion, boost TikTok followers, and elevate engagement. Its arsenal extends to full TikTok ads management, from bespoke creation to meticulous oversight. Powered by data, tech, and deep industry insights, HypeFactory engineers outcome-focused influencer marketing marvels. Ready to amplify your TikTok game?



Burst Digital

Best for getting brands noticed 

Burst Digital specialises in TikTok marketing, managing and crafting engaging content to cultivate vibrant communities. Beyond content creation, there’s a focus on catapulting brands into the digital limelight, by offering end-to-end services, aiming for enduring client relationships and success across TikTok and other digital platforms.




Off Limits Entertainment

Best for the big individuals and big brands

With a roster boasting the industry’s brightest stars, Off Limits Entertainment orchestrates unparalleled collaborations between renowned online influencers and powerhouse brands. From captivating content creation to strategic alignment ensuring optimal performance within TikTok’s algorithm, the agency curates campaigns that resonate. Its diverse array of talent, from comedy kings to relatable mumfluencers, ensures a dynamic approach to content. 




Two Chics Media

Best for monitoring competition

A boutique content creation agency, Two Chics Media specialises in TikTok content creation and professional videography. With direct access to TikTok account managers, its ignites conversations about your brand through creative video production. A fully Gen-Z run company, it excels in marketing to a Gen-Z audience, offering services tailored to help brands and individuals establish a robust TikTok presence. 




We Are Social

Best for marketing


We Are Social is globally renowned for its expertise in social media and influencer marketing. The agency excels in understanding social behaviours and connecting clients with their target audience strategically and effectively. Its presence as “We Are Social Nation” on TikTok showcases its influencer marketing prowess. 



Best for business intelligence


French-born with a London office, Alioze crafts dynamic TikTok strategies for businesses. Expertise includes competitive monitoring, video content production, and influencer recruitment. Alioze excels in TikTok ads, ensuring optimised marketing campaigns tailored to TikTok markets as a UK partner.



Kairos Media

Best for prestigious brand channels


Kairos Media specialies in influencer marketing, paid social, community management, and content production, transforming millennial perceptions of advertising and brand discovery worldwide. With a dedicated team for TikTok, the firm curates original, brand-aligned content and manage prestigious brand channels, driving organic growth and engagement. Additionally, it leads campaigns for major brands like The Grammy Awards and TikTok Shop, pioneering brand launches and automating TikTok Shop marketing. In essence, Kairos Media revolutionizes brand promotion on TikTok, reshaping how the next generation interacts with social media advertising.




GOAT Solutions 

Best for blue chip

GOAT Solutions excels in TikTok marketing with a range of key services. The in-house team of social strategists and research specialists crafts creative strategies grounded in consumer insights. With bespoke content production, social media management, and influencer marketing, it drives competitive advantage and digital transformation for leading brands. GOAT’s track record includes successful strategies for Dell, Mars, Audi and Uefa.




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