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30 Best Content Agencies in the UK

The content marketing industry is booming across the UK as content marketing and digital strategies become more and more vital for any successful brand or business venture.


But how do you decide which agency to go for when the choice of content agencies is so vast?


Here, we list the 30 best content agencies across the UK to help you narrow down your search.


Social Chameleon


Social Chameleon best digital marketing agency in Europe

Best for Overall Service

Social Chameleon are a pioneering digital marketing agency that offers a full range of services across search first social media marketing. They work with clients in a number of industries with services in content marketing and SEO. They have won a range of awards and continue to grow as on of the UK’s most exciting content agencies. 





Best content agency for Micro-Influencer Marketing

Best for Micro-Influencer Marketing

INBeat is a digital marketing agency that are experts in UGC and micro-influencer marketing. They work with the top 2% of creators to drive results for clients across a range of industries including healthcare and mobile communications.



VERB Brands


Verb - a content agency Best for Luxury Brands

Best for Luxury Brands

Out of all the content agencies VERB has a greater focus on luxury brands and create campaigns including SEO, paid media and creative services. Some of their clients have included global luxury brands such as Net-a-Porter, Austin Martin and The Ritz.



Honest London


Honest - content agencies Best in Crisis and Reputation Management

Best for Crisis and Reputation Management

Honest London is a social media and crisis management agency that works with celebrities and businesses. They use social media to engage through tailored strategies. They also work in managing crises online and across social media in order to protect reputations and prevent negative narratives.


Impression Digital


Impressions - Best for Strategies

Best for Strategies

Impression are an award winning agency that specialises in digital marketing strategies and SEO. They have worked with a range of brands including household names such as Funky Pigeon and Clarins. 




Found - Best for SEO

Best for SEO

Found are a London based award winning agency who focus on SEO. They provide a range of SEO services including technical SEO and international SEO. As well as paid media and other types of digital experience. They have worked with brands such as Puma and Toolstation. 


Social Lipstick


Social Lipstick - Best for reaching Gen Z

Best for reaching Gen Z

Social Lipstick specialise in Instagram and TikTok and use data-driven strategies and User Generated Content to create campaigns that engage Gen Z and Millennials. They operate across a number of industries but have a particular focus on fashion and sportswear. 




Modern - Best for B2B

Best for B2B

Modern is a Bristol-based B2B agency that focuses on B2B marketing to create growth for brands and businesses. They are established partners with organisations such as Salesforce, Google, Terminus and Drift. They have worked with clients including Trustpilot.




Best Event Producer for TikTok - Komodo

Best for fashion and influencer connection

Komodo is a 360 global digital agency which combines influencer marketing, social media strategies and content production to connect brands with audiences worldwide. They have worked with big brand names such as PrettyLittleThing, Misguide and boohoo.


Digital Litmus


Digital Litmus - Best for HubSpot

Best for HubSpot

Digital Litmus specialise in B2B Growth and HusbSpot to accelerate B2B growth through connected sales and marketing strategies. They also create and design HubSpot websites and have worked with organisations including Supporting Education and Spektrixx. 


Site Visibility


Best for Brands with a Social Conscience

Site Visibility is a Brighton-based digital marketing agency that specialises in data-led strategies for brands with a social conscience. They work to deliver sustainable marketing solutions. Offering a range of services including SEO, PCC and social media services. They hold a 4.9 Google rating.


Limelight Digital


Best for Start-ups and New businesses 

Limelight specialise in start ups and new businesses. Similar to other content agencies.They work to create growth for them by improving visibility through services such as SEO, Social Media Marketing  and Paid Search. They boast significant results including helping StudentCrowd achieve 160,000 organic monthly visits in two years.




Best for Experiential Marketing

Momentum is a worldwide creative agency that works to innovate in the experiential marketing space. They have mounted significant experiential campaigns including taking 40 million people to the Super Bowl virtually with Verizon as well as streaming concerts with American Express. They have also worked with big names such as Nike and Coca-Cola. 




Best for Tech Companies

Directive are a multi-service digital marketing agency that specialises in working with tech brands and companies. They are experts in tech marketing and have  generated over $1 billion in revenue for the clients which range from new start ups through to huge global companies such as Amazon and Calendly. 




Best for app development and app marketing

Gravitywell is a venture studio that specialises in creating digital products for their clients. They create all their work in house and launch projects such as apps and app development. They both design and build them. Working with brands to provide strategy and consultancy services. 




Best for Combining Advertising with Digital 


Addmustard combine a blend of advertising agency strategies and the precision of digital marketing. They work with early career entrepreneurs with a particular focus on using technology as a marketing method. They work across a variety of industries including retail, fintech and travel.  


Social Shepherd


Best for Social 

Social Shepherd are a social first agency that is dedicated to helping brands grow through a combination of social, paid, creative and influencer marketing and strategies. They have worked with clients such as EasyJet Holidays and Premier Inn.


Don’t Be Shy


Best for Branding for B2B Purposes

Don’t Be Shy are a B2B marketing agency that creates winning strategies for their clients. Their specialisms are branding, websites and campaigns, which they deliver to clients across the tech, education and logistics industries amongst others. They have won a range of awards including B2B Marketing Awards’ Global Agency of the Year.




Best for Social Media Management 

Giraffe Social is a marketing agency that elevates brands through strategic social media marketing campaigns. They also offer other services such as social media management and influencer marketing. They work across a range of industries such as fashion, beauty and fitness. Notable clients have include Goodyear Lifestyle and Maison Noir.




Best for Disruptive Campaigns

Socialtrend are a digital and social media agency that offer their clients a range of services including disruptive social media management and content creation. They work across platforms such as Meta Facebook and Instagram advertising. Unlike other content agencies, they’ve worked with clients as diverse as Ultra Music Festival, Georgia Toffolo and political groups during the last general election. 


Social Chain


Best for Targeting a New Audience

Social Chain are an agency that specialises in building connections between brands and potential new audiences through social media strategies and campaigns. Their approach is to understand and listen to an audience. They have worked with clients such as Amazon Prime Video, KFC, Coca-Cola and the BBC.


House of Marketers


Best for TikTok Marketing 

House of Marketers are premier specialists in TikTok marketing. They focus on boosting brands through TikTok campaigns and ad management. They have a huge network of TikTok influencers, which means they are well placed to drive viral campaigns. Clients have included Red Bull, Apple Music and Mindful Chef.


Purple Goat


Best for inclusivity

Purple Goat Agency is an award agency that specialises in inclusive marketing, notably disability inclusive advertising. Their commitment to incorporating authentic lived experiences is exceptional out of  of those with disability sets them apart. They also offer training for businesses to promote inclusivity and accessibility. Clients have included ITV, Tesco and Virgin Media.


Socially Powerful


Best for Storytelling

Socially Powerful are an agency that specialises in social media and influencer marketing with a global reach. They have a technology, storytelling and social first mindset. They have a particular specialism in using video production as a means of marketing. They’ve worked across a number of industries but have a particular focus on the fashion and beauty industries. Clients have included Primark, L’Oreal and Polo Ralph Lauren.


One of One Group


Best for Independent Local Businesses 

One of One Group specialise in bespoke social media strategies. Boasting of 300% average follower boost and a 95% customer satisfaction record. They offer services such as social media monitoring and content creation. They have worked with clients including independent business and names such as Your London Florist and Uptown Events.




Best for Strategic Insights

Truffle Social is a creative digital marketing agency that combines creative experience with strategic insights. They offer services including social media management and strategy and events. They have worked with a number of big names across fashion, lifestyle and food and drink. This includes Swarovski, Spotify and Julien Macdonald. 


We Are Social


Best for Video and Game Production

We Are Social are a creative agency that works with brands to connect them with their established and potential audiences through social media and other strategies. Their studio also creates videos, podcasts and other Reels. They also work helping gaming clients to enhance gaming experience. They have worked with clients such as Ebay, Adidas and Samsung.




Best for promoting brand visibility across social media

SocialSideKick offers bespoke social media strategies tailored to their client’s needs. They work to promote brand visibility across a range of platforms and social media channels. SocialSidekick offers detailed analytics and insights, working across a range of industries with a particular interest in technology, SaaS and B2B.



Best for SaaS

Gripped are a marketing agency that has a particular focus on the SaaS and tech sectors. They use SEO and targeted media campaigns to extend businesses and brands’ reach and engagement. They work with a range of clients but particularly those in the tech sector across platforms including WordPress. HubSpot and Salesforce.



Best for Budget Friendly Options

99social, unlike other content agencies, focuses on offering affordable social media management for small businesses. They ensure that they offer budget friendly packages which offer social media profile design and management. Meaning small businesses can focus on their other operations whilst their engagements and audience reach grow.


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