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A Day in the Life Of a London Social Media Agency

How do social media agencies work behind the scenes? It’s not all TikTok videos and Instragrammable flat whites.

No two days are the same for our team of social media experts, who use their expertise to help our clients navigate the crowded social media space and achieve their business goals.

In this blog, our Social Media Manager Daniel O’Reilly talks us through a typical day in the life of the social media team at Social Chameleon.

– We either start the day by commuting into our London office or, if working from home, we might use the extra commute time to exercise, go for a morning walk or catch up on our hobbies. Our agency has grown rapidly over the past two years, so we were able to reap the benefits of hybrid working and recruit the best digital marketing talent from across the UK.

No matter how we decide to start the day, we always check news websites and social media first thing in the morning to stay up to date with any breaking news stories. When you work in social media, it’s essential that you keep up to date with the latest current affairs and trending topics, especially in the industries that our clients operate in. To help us with this, we also set up Google alerts for certain keywords and topics. By staying informed, we can ensure that the social media content we create for our clients is as relevant as possible and it also helps us identify opportunities for them.

– Most team members log on between 8-9 am and we stay in touch during the day through our Slack channel. We start the day by greeting each other and catching up on both personal life and tasks for the day ahead. This is an essential part of the day as it solidifies our great team working relationship, encourages greater collaboration between team members and allows us to get up to date on any client developments. Social media never sleeps, so the next thing we do is check our emails, scheduling platforms and client channels so that we can see what activity has happened overnight.

The first task of the day is usually responding to any questions or comments on social media that require an immediate response. Once anything urgent is taken care of, we start brainstorming new content ideas. Even though we plan our social media posts in advance, social media needs to be reactive to the world around us, so we might start drafting social media content around any new trending topics that are relevant to our clients.

– How do social media agencies work when some staff are hybrid whilst others are in the office? The key is to stay connected. We kick off the day with a morning meeting, checking in and setting priorities for the day or week ahead. Each team member takes turns sharing updates on projects that they are working on. We also use this time to celebrate successes and positive feedback from clients, discuss any present challenges and use the space to brainstorm and come up with new ideas.

– After our morning meeting, we get back into our ‘to-do’ lists. We might also have calls with our account teams to discuss client social media strategies. Then, our team gets stuck into creating new content such as editing videos, designing graphics or drafting new social media copy.

– Lunchtime! Taking a break is essential for your overall well-being so we prioritise taking a lunch break to switch off and come back refreshed for the afternoon. If there are a few of us in the office, we might head off for a team lunch at one of the many food options around our central London office, or even squeeze in a quick exercise class.

– In the afternoon we might have some more client calls or in-person meetings.

How do social media agencies work with clients to help them achieve their goals? At Social Chameleon, we know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media, so we always create truly bespoke social media strategies to fit the unique needs and goals of our clients. This varies from client to client but usually consists of a blend of paid advertising and organic content on various social media platforms. Most importantly, we help our clients to develop an overarching strategy for their social media platforms, helping them to develop their brand identity and voice so that they can better connect with their audiences online.

If we aren’t speaking with clients, we spend the afternoon strategising and coming up with ideas for new social media content as well as drafting and scheduling new content. For example, if our client is moving onto a new social media channel such as TikTok, we will spend the time writing a strategy and conducting market research. The afternoon is often also when we look at our social media analytics from both our organic and paid posts from the past few days, to see which posts have performed well and resulted in strong click-through and conversion rates for our clients.

– A few times a week, we might use this time to read up about trends in the social media marketing space, to ensure that we are up to date with any industry developments or any social media campaigns that have been getting a buzz (for either good or bad reasons!). As a social media agency, it’s important that we are on the cutting edge of the industry so that we can pass on this knowledge to our clients. From Google algorithm updates to social media strategy tips, we often share our learnings and reflections on the digital marketing industry via our blog.

– The day’s final hours might be spent working on social media strategy for a new client pitch, double-checking content scheduled for the next day, or working on social media strategies for clients. We pride ourselves on being an extension of your in-house team and regularly audit social media strategies for our current clients, providing regular recommendations and ideas for how our clients can maximize their online presence.

– As we wrap up our working day, we might head to a client event, or travel to social events, hobbies or straight home. After a final email and social media check, as well as making sure everything is planned and ready for tomorrow, we like to switch off for the rest of the evening. At Social Chameleon, we understand the importance of work-life balance in order to stay inspired and help our clients achieve their goals.

Over the last seven years, we’ve worked with a huge range of businesses managing their social media. From medical training academies and Harley Street clinics to art galleries. We’ve successfully helped numerous companies to enter the social space and grow their following and engagement. Ready to take your social media to the next level? Get in touch today.

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