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Bon Appé-tweet: 5 Restaurant Social Media Strategies That Worked

The restaurant industry is a highly over-saturated market – and no, we’re not talking about saturated fats! Did you know the sector is projected to hit 1.2 trillion in sales by 2030? This may well be one of the biggest comebacks of all time; rewind to the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and all eateries alike took a significant hit, with many independent businesses sadly having to close. But gone are the days of mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing; whilst some are still wary of being out and about in public spaces, many customers relish the luxury of eating out with more fervour than ever.

However, this market’s immense popularity means it’s all the more difficult for restaurants to stand out from the crowd – particularly on social media. In today’s digital world, it is crucial that restaurants have a strong social media presence. Why? Like it or lump it, social media is the prime platform for communicating with your customers. Not only does it provide a brilliant way to promote your restaurant’s brand through consistent social content (we all know that Instagram is the home of #foodporn!), but it is also an accessible hub that customers can visit if they’re interested in dining in or taking away. Let’s not lie; a restaurant with zero social media presence is a red flag. Three-quarters of customers have used social media to choose their eatery for the night, purely based on the comments and images shared by other customers. Social media gives you the prime opportunity to show users that fellow customers vouch for your brand – and that your restaurant is a cut above your competitors.

In today’s blog, we will be exploring some of the top restaurant social media strategies that cut through the digital noise (with a knife and fork, no less). So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

Big Mamma

Today’s appetiser is the iconic Italian ‘Big Mamma’. We’ll focus on their Instagram presence, which is segmented by location. The account pays homage to the chain’s Italian roots, standing out due to its authenticity and laid-back ‘local’ vibe.
So, how does a global commercial chain make followers feel part of a local online community? We especially love their people-centric feed; numerous videos feature staff, from exclusive behind-the-scenes content in the kitchen to role-playing skits. This light-hearted content intersperses an array of appetising food posts, accompanied by short and snappy captions.
The vast majority of Big Mamma’s Instagram content comes in reel form, which aligns with statistics showing that online users engage the most with short-form video content. However, we’re excited to see how their socials will evolve as Instagram makes the conscious shift back to being a photo-oriented app. We’d love to see some mouth-watering stills on IG – or, equally, a transition over to TikTok!

Sketch London

Sketch is one of London’s most aesthetically iconic restaurants, and their social media approach is two-pronged, as a result. What do we mean by this? Well, Sketch has a significant social media presence both through its accounts, and through user-generated content.
The venue’s unique and luxurious decor has been carefully curated to ensure that it is one of the city’s no. 1 photo spots: it has, in fact, been crowned “London’s most instagrammable restaurant”, with its multi-room fusion of food, art and culture.
The more customers who post about your restaurant on social media, the better. As with any form of promotion, this leads to more clicks to your site, more conversions – and increased hype around your restaurant’s brand! So, think: how can you make your restaurant a memorable experience for customers?


Thomas Straker is renowned for making food (specifically butter-based!) an experience for customers, on and offline. Having amassed almost 2M followers on TikTok, Thomas exemplifies another key part of a successful social media strategy: honing in on your niche. This will allow you to identify and relate to your target audience and give you an all-important Unique Selling Point (USP) – helping you to stand out amongst the masses!
Whilst Straker’s obviously offers an array of delicious dishes, chef and founder Thomas’ satisfyingly aesthetic ‘#morethingsbutter’ videos are working wonders on TikTok, providing a masterclass in personal branding.


As we munch our way through our main course, Nando’s is long overdue a mention! Nando’s has a huge following across numerous platforms; in particular, the chain’s colloquial one-liners and interactive content are well-suited to Twitter, whilst their fun and light-hearted reel content works perfectly for an Instagram and TikTok audience.
A key takeaway from Nandos’ social media strategy is simply… don’t take yourself too seriously! Nando’s are a global superpower in the food industry, and yet, their content reflects the current ‘memeable’ climate on social media. Make your audience smile, relate – and most importantly, keep watching!

Le Deli Robuchon

For our fifth and final course, let’s delve into dessert! Le Deli Robuchon is a prime example of viral marketing. Similarly to Sketch, this restaurant has inspired user-generated content; despite not even having a TikTok account, their ‘cube croissants’ have gone viral on the Gen Z-dominated platform.
So, whether it’s a result of your social media campaign or your product’s unique selling point (in this case: boujee croissants shaped like giant cubes!), going viral is delectable for your business. This is why, at Social Chameleon, we specialise in viral marketing, providing our clients with social media content that instantly captures attention. Want more exclusive insights for your restaurant’s social media strategy? Get in touch now!

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