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How to Win Over your Target Audience in 45 days (Unlike Liz Truss)

Whether you’re the leader of a company or an entire country, it’s of utmost importance that you strategically win over your target audience. As we’re sure you’ve seen on news channels everywhere, Liz Truss has provided the ultimate example of what not to do when attempting to curry favour with her target audience in question: both the British public and her fellow party members.

So, how can your business avoid these textbook mistakes? Follow our expert guide on how to successfully market your business to your target audience – without losing their backing at the first hurdle!

Know your Audience

First things first, it’s crucial that you know who your audience are, and what they want to hear. For example, flaunting a wayward economic plan wasn’t exactly Truss’s best bet to win over the UK parliament and global investors – let alone the vast majority of the British public.

It is important to firstly identify your audience, and then undergo sufficient market research to understand their wants and needs. You can achieve this efficiently by utilizing STP marketing. This three step model allows you to better align your product or service with the audiences you are trying to reach. (It’s safe to say that our former Prime Minister wasn’t clued up on the ins and outs of STP!)

Timing is Everything

Truer words have never been spoken. As a business, you need to be reactive to the world around you. Responsive marketing involves aligning your online content and campaigns with trending topics – and also requires sensitivity to global issues and events. For example, many brands faced a backlash for the inappropriate timing of their somewhat tongue-in-cheek tributes to the Queen, in light of her recent passing. Similarly, Liz Truss’s pledge to scrap the top income tax band amidst the cost of living crisis could not have been more poorly timed. Read the room, Liz!

Consistency is Key

To her critics, Liz Truss is perceived to be a political opportunist, rapidly latching onto whichever position suited her at the time. Her supporters, however, would be more likely to refer to her as a political chameleon – not a Social Chameleon, mind! – with her ability to adapt to different roles. But in the world of marketing, we would strongly advise the opposite: consistency is key. While your business should certainly adapt and evolve over time, particularly in light of developments within your industry, it is vital that you have a clear, consistent brand identity. In order to win over your target audience, you not only need to know who they are – but also who you are.

Your business will appear flaky if you are undergoing constant change. So, for example, ensure that your brand voice is consistent. Curate your social media feeds with a consistent aesthetic. And make it crystal clear to your audience what your business’s ethos is, and let this be reflected in all that you do online and offline.

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Guarantee

This is a nugget of advice which the majority of politicians should take heed of! Liz Truss dove straight into the deep end, claiming that she would “deliver a bold plan to cut taxes and grow our economy.” While we don’t have any qualms about being assertive with your goals, there is a fine line between being ‘bold’ and being unrealistic. In order to build trust with your target audience, you need to ensure that you don’t oversell your services. Be realistic with your deliverables. And build that all-important relationship with your audience – by, not promising the moon, but remaining Earth-bound and sticking to your word.

Hire A Marketing Agency you can ‘Truss’

If you’re still reeling with more questions (as the rest of the UK likely is right now!), then don’t fret! There are brilliant teams of experts out there who know all there is to know about marketing your business – and how to best position your company so that it is palatable to your target audience. Rather than muddling through on your own, put your faith into a digital marketing agency.

Social Chameleon is a full-suite marketing agency with decades of experience behind our belt, and are here to guide you through the perks and pitfalls of marketing your business. If you want to win over your audience, you can certainly put more ‘truss’ in us than a certain political chameleon we’ve heard of!

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