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Manisha is a professional and detail-oriented Community Manager with a huge passion for the digital world. She has a diverse background working for two London-based publishers as Web Editor and Sales Manager, then as Content Writer and Social Media Assistant at an award-winning London jewellery company. She loves writing for the web and engaging with people, plus she never misses new trends on Social Media.

Is 2023 the Year to Rebrand My Business?

Is 2023 the time for a “New Year, New You”? People typically perceive the new year as the ideal time for a fresh start – whether it’s a revamped image, Dry January, or actually sticking to your New Year’s resolutions this time around. And businesses are no different, particularly as the ‘2023 Trends‘ blog posts begin rolling in. Each year brings a fresh perspective on the dos and don’ts for your industry, and everyone wants to keep ahead of the curve. What’s more, it’s only natural to set new goals for your business as we wave farewell to last year and see in the new with high hopes and a raised glass (or two!).

It, therefore, isn’t surprising that many businesses choose the new year to rebrand. Now, rebranding certainly shouldn’t occur as often as you change your clothes. So, if you feel your business is rebranding for the sake of it, or “because everyone else is” – think again! Ideally, you only want to rebrand your business once. So, choose your time – and your colours! – wisely.

What is Rebranding?

This may seem like an obvious question. However, some businesses fail to rebrand successfully – or entirely. Some may misconstrue rebranding at the surface level as simply revamping your logo. However, a full rebrand is a multi-faceted beast!

Naturally, the most noticeable form of rebranding is a refresh of your business’s colour palette. You need to ensure that this is reflected on your website, and across the aesthetic of your social media channels. Some may choose to introduce this gradually; however, we would suggest a hard launch of your new brand – perhaps with a few sneak previews beforehand. You want to grab your followers’ attention and make it clear that today marks the evolution of your brand.

What’s more, when rebranding, many businesses forget to consider their brand’s voice. If you are overhauling your company’s brand image, there is likely a reason for this – which can often include a shift in outlook, purpose or target audience. Therefore, you need to ensure that your brand’s messaging aligns with your new look, not to mention your 2023 goals.

Why are you Rebranding?

Furthermore, everything happens for a reason. If you are refreshing your brand’s online identity, this shouldn’t simply be because you fancy a change. Also, a rebrand isn’t necessarily the answer if your business is currently struggling.

On the contrary, every business decision should be fuelled by necessity. For example, if you are repositioning your business to new audiences, adapting your product offerings, or realigning your company’s ethos, it may well be time for a rebrand. Frankly, if your vision for your business’s future has changed, its aesthetic should reflect this.

Did you know that visuals heavily influence customers? The first thing they will do when they see your website or social media is (hopefully!) to be drawn to your branding. There is a reason why certain brands align themselves with certain colours. However, this is not necessarily because of what these colours stereotypically represent, but the unique alignment with the brand itself, and how it is designed to make the customer feel. If you are choosing to rebrand, it is vital that you know who your business is – and what that should look like.

2023: “New Year, New You”?

So, is 2023 the year for you to refresh and rejuvenate your brand? People are already posting about how 2023 feels like a fresh start after the tumultuous last few years. Technology is evolving, people’s spending habits are ever-changing, and global priorities are shifting. However, don’t simply feel the pressure if competitors are rebranding, or jump to panic stations because your new year goals feel unattainable. Take a step back, a deep breath, and think about what is truly best for your business at this moment in time. After all, rebrands don’t like to be rushed!

If your answer is still a resounding “Yes!”, you should first conduct a Brand Identity Assessment. This involves getting feedback from customers – often via a survey – to see what they think of your current branding, what it inspires them to think of and feel, and what could be improved. Whilst you certainly don’t want to be copy-catting your competitors, many businesses also find it useful to see what works well in their competitors’ branding and how it relates to your target audience.

As previously mentioned, a rebrand doesn’t merely run skin deep. You need to readdress your company’s goals and values, and consider what has changed since your inception. For example, sustainability in business is taking centre stage this year, alongside developments in the metaverse. How will you incorporate these significant themes into your business strategy? And more importantly, how will this be reflected in your branding?

Once you’ve established who you are as a brand, and how this has shifted in 2023, it’s time to get cracking with the mood board! If you are one of the brands, who dare to dream – and deliberately derail! – this year, don’t fret; you’re in good company. Early next month, Social Chameleon is launching our new website, which will debut our revamped brand! Keep your eyes peeled – and if you’ve got any questions regarding your own rebrand, get in touch today.

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