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50 TikTok Statistics You Should Know in 2024

Since its launch in 2017, TikTok has not only taken the social media world by storm but changed the way brands could market themselves to their target audience.

However, to utilise TikTok effectively as a marketing tool, you need to understand the platform. A great way to do this is by familiarising yourself with some TikTok statistics.

As a leading social media agency with deep expertise when it comes to TikTok, it’s high time we brought you some showstopping statistics that can help take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

Hitting the Ground Running

Where better to start than at the beginning, when TikTok was released to the international market in September 2017.

Even in a crowded social media landscape, with some big hitting competition to contend with, social media fans took to TikTok straight away. Users have been drawn in their millions to its authentic user-generated video content. 

Which leads us nicely to the first of our 50 statistics: 

TikTok reached 1 billion monthly active users faster than any of its social media rivals 

TikTok’s rise was meteoric, as fuelled by the pandemic, the platform reached 800 million monthly active users in 2020, with that number rising to the magical 1 billion mark in 2021.

Top Line TikTok Statistics

Top Line TikTok Statistics

Fast forward to 2024 and TikTok has continued its upwards trajectory.

TikTok has over 1.5 billion monthly active users.

At the end of 2023, TikTok had amassed an impressive number of monthly active users, making it the fifth most popular social media platform when judged by this metric.

TikTok was the third most downloaded app in March 2024

We’ve tried to unearth the most recent statistics we can, and this one is definitely hot off the press! This app was downloaded 46 million times in March 2024, a number which was only bettered by Facebook and Instagram. 

TikTok is available in over 160 countries.

TikTok has become ubiquitous, with no corner of the world untouched by this social juggernaut!


In the USA,TikTok generated $16 billion of revenue  alone in 2023

Judging TikTok by revenue alone, it’s clear to see that advertisers have a lot of confidence in the platform, due to its continued popularity, which is a good sign for digital marketers moving forward.


TFW when TikTok influences the English language

TikTok is even having an influence on the words we speak, with a significant number of the 630 latest additions to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary influenced by the platform. NGL, we’re bussin’ about this!



Key TikTok Statistics on User Demographics


Key User Demographics

Some of the most important TikTok statistics to digital marketers are not related to how many people are using TikTok, but rather who is logging in.

America tops the TikTok worldwide charts with almost 150 million monthly active users

From Portland to Pensacola, Americans can’t get enough of TikTok, and the land of the free boasts the largest number of TikTok monthly active users of any country.


TikTok has over 20 million monthly active users in the UK

Not to be outdone by our friends from across the pond, roughly a third of the UK population also checks in with TikTok every month.


Almost 70% of TikTok’s global audience is between the ages of 18 and 34

TikTok’s popularity among the younger generation has been well documented, and with good reason too, as almost three quarters of TikTok’s worldwide users are between the ages of 18 and 34.


Gen Z uses TikTok more than any other demographic.

Millennials and Gen Z are the lifeblood of TikTok, but it’s the latter demographic, in particular, who seem to have really connected with the platform, accounting for 60% of the TikTok statistics user base. 


Male TikTok users outnumber females – but not by much!

The beauty of social media is that there really is something for everyone, so it’s no surprise that the male/female split is not far from 50/50, with approximately 52% being men, and 48% women.


TikTok UK User Behaviours

We can throw big numbers at you till the cows come home, but a deep dive into the typical behaviours of UK TikTok users is also crucial information, which we are more than happy to share!


42% of people that go online in the UK visit TikTok, with the figure rising to 85% in the 16-24 demographic

A recent Ofcom survey revealed that TikTok is becoming synonymous with internet activity in the UK, particularly among the younger generation.


27% of UK internet users aged 16-24 named TikTok as their main social media platform

Sticking with young people, the survey also revealed that over a quarter of young internet users use TikTok as their main social media fix.


Adult visitors to TikTok in the UK spend an average of 26 minutes on the platform

UK TikTok fans are spending an average of 26 minutes there per visit, a figure bettered only by Snapchat among social media sites.


In May 2023, 18-24-year-old TikTok visitors from the UK spent an average of 55 minutes on TikTok per day

A great indicator of TikTok’s popularity is the amount of time young people in the UK are spending on the app, with an average of almost an hour every day. 


20% of people use TikTok as a source of news

An increasing number of UK online news consumers now see TikTok as a source of news, and while the 2023 total of 20% may not seem like a huge number, the fact it was just 3% in 2020 speaks volumes about the way the wind is blowing.


TikTok’s Impact on Digital Marketing and Advertising

Facebook may have the reach, but TikTok is one of the only social media platforms that can truly claim to be changing the digital marketing landscape, for a variety of reasons.


TikTok’s influence on digital marketing is growing

In November 2023, marketers worldwide were partaking in a survey in which 49% of the respondents said they were looking out for TikTok or social video as a key marketing trend in the coming year.


Over 2 in 5 Americans use TikTok as a search engine

One of the most significant developments when it comes to TikTok’s impact on digital marketing, is its growth as a search engine, becoming a viable alternative to Google in the eyes of many consumers.

In early 2024, Adobe conducted a survey which covered the rise of TikTok as a search engine in the USA, with one of the key takeaways being that huge numbers of people are already using it as a way to search online.


49% of Millennials have used TikTok as a search engine, with that figure rising to 64% among Gen Z

It was also revealed that TikTok’s popularity as a search engine is particularly pronounced in the younger demographics


Nearly 1 in 10 Gen Zers are more likely to rely on TikTok than Google as a search engine.

It’s one thing for everyone to see them as a companion to Google for internet searches, but Gen Z is certainly shifting towards seeing TikTok as a preferred alternative to Google.

44% of those surveyed said that short-format videos are more digestible and informative than other search engines

Sticking with that Adobe survey, one of the main advantages of TikTok as a search engine is certainly the ease with which information can be presented.

TikTok Titans

We couldn’t let the opportunity pass to celebrate the influencers and content creators entertaining not just millions, but billions of people.


Khaby Lame is the most followed user on TikTok

Italian content creator Khaby Lame’s unique comedic style, including his hilarious parodies of popular life hacks, have earned him over 160 million followers, a partnership with Hugo Boss, and even a judging spot on “Italia’s got Talent”!

The most-watched TikTok video of 2023 was beauty-related

From our statistics only on TikTok could a simple video of someone applying makeup go viral in such spectacular fashion, with makeup artist Nyadollie racking up over 504 million views in 2023.

Zach King’s “Magic Ride” is the most watched TikTok short video of all-time 

“500 million? Hold my beer”, said Zach King (probably), as his clever video pretending to ride a broomstick a la Harry Potter, is the most watched short video on TikTok, showing in the statistics with 2.2 billion views as of July 2023.

The Rock is the most followed celebrity on TikTok

While TikTok is awash with individuals that have become celebrities due to TikTok, the Rock is the most popular “celebrity” in the traditional sense, with over 74 million followers. 

Fifty Fifty Rules the TikTok music space

TikTok’s vast music library has not only opened up a new way to create content, but launched certain songs into the stratosphere. With over 20 million creations, “Cupid – Twin Ver” by K-Pop group FIFTY FIFTY was the biggest song on TikTok in 2023.


Growth Trends and User Engagement Statistics on TikTok

Growth Trends and User Engagement

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the ways in which users are engaging with TikTok, as well as the growth trends we can expect to see in the future.


 TikTok shopping is now live

TikTok statistics show that the app is going all in on e-commerce, with the introduction of a way for users to buy products without having to leave the app. This will have a wide range of benefits to brands and businesses, from ease of use for consumers, to new ways to market products, such as TikTok live streams with clickable product links.

50% of TikTok users have bought something after watching a TikTok livestream

Speaking of TikTok live streams, it seems that they are catching on, with half of TikTok users making positive purchasing decisions after watching one.

Users on TikTok are 50% more interested in branded live content than non-TikTok users

According to statistics, TikTok is also the perfect platform for branded live content, with users being 50% more interested in branded live content than those frequenting other social media platforms.

Social Commerce sales are predicted to reach over $67 billion in the USA in 2024

In social e-commerce, we expect all of the above to lead to an explosion in the future, with TikTok in the perfect position to let digital marketers take advantage!


TikTok Communities are Growing

The idea of community is central to all social media, and TikTok’s authentic user-generated videos not only let people find content relating to their interests but also help them grow their social circle by connecting with others who share similar passions.


From FitTok to FoodTok, there’s something for everyone


We could write a whole article on the niche communities that populate TikTok – and we probably will! For now, though, we just need to stress the huge numbers that are attached to hashtags such as #FitTok, #FashionTok, #FoodTok, #BeautyTok, and their potential importance to your next social media marketing campaign.

The Technical Stuff

The Technical Stuff on TikTok

Understanding the technical capabilities of TikTok is also key to understanding how best to utilise it as a marketing tool.


Three’s the magic number.

After a brief flirtation with allowing users to record longer videos through the app, TikTok has now settled on a maximum duration of three minutes.

Perfect ten


However, if you’re recording videos on your own device and uploading them to TikTok, the maximum duration is 10 minutes.

Please don’t stop the music.

In 2023, TikTok introduced a new feature, that allowed users to save music they found on the site to their preferred music streaming app, whether it be Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Spotify. 

An augmented reality 

Given TikTok’s rivalry with Snapchat, it was no surprise that in 2023, after statistics, they launched an AR video filter feature that allowed users to create video effects directly in the TikTok app.

Comparative Analysis: TikTok vs Other Social Platforms


Checking out how TikTok stacks up against its rivals is vital, if you’re thinking of taking advantage of the digital marketing possibilities it provides.

TikTok is the fifth most popular social media platform worldwide.

Only Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp & Instagram can boast more monthly active users than TikTok.

No FOMO with FYP

One of TikTok’s key advantages over its social media rivals is the advanced algorithms that power the “For You Page”, or FYP, delivering a constant stream of content tailored to each individual TikTok user.

Only Facebook and Instagram were downloaded more than TikTok in March 2024

TikTok may be the fifth most popular platform when judged on monthly active users, but the upwards trend is there for all to see when it comes to brand new downloads.

TikTok is the third most used platform for influencer marketing.

In 2021, TikTok surpassed YouTube as the preferred influencer marketing platform, extending its lead ever since and closing the gap on second-placed Instagram, with Facebook looking unlikely to relinquish top spot anytime soon!


Predictive Statistics: TikTok’s Future in the Social Media Landscape

The future is certainly looking bright for TikTok, with an upward trajectory expected across many metrics!

TikTok is forecasted to reach approximately 2.25 billion users in 2027

In the next three years, TikTok expects to add around 500 million users, which should keep Mark Zuckerberg and the Meta crew looking over their shoulders for a good while!

TikTok’s ad revenue is expected to reach $22 billion in 2025

The eye-popping revenue expected to reach TikTok’s coffers in 2025 neatly sums up confidence in TikTok’s future health.

TikTok’s Overall Influence will continue to grow

The introduction of Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts was certainly a response to the unique content format popularised by TikTok, and there’s no doubt that this influence will continue to spread in the coming years.


Insights for Marketers and Content Creators

Insights for Marketers and Content Creators

Everyone loves an insight or two in the social media marketing game, so here’s a few for you!


Three in four social platform users find TikTok creator content to be believable

TikTok’s superpower is the creator content that it showcases, which allows brands and businesses to engage with consumers on an emotional level that was not possible before. 

Gen Z e-commerce journeys on TikTok are 1.8x more likely to be motivated by community, rather than traditional online marketplaces.

If you’re entering the world of TikTok, you must always have the notion of community at the forefront of whatever you do….

72% TikTok users say it’s easy for strangers to connect and bond around shared life experiences on TikTok

…..and that’s because the people who are on TikTok are always open to connecting with others and sharing their stories.

After seeing ads on TikTok with comments turned on, viewers trust the brand 1.5x more

Don’t be afraid to have an open dialogue with the people you are targeting, as it will not only provide valuable insights, but increase positive sentiment towards you and the message you are trying to convey.

Users are now spending half their time on TikTok watching content that’s longer than a minute. 

In October 2023, TikTok invited a number of influencers and creators to its New York office. This was with the intention of encouraging them to start putting out longer-form content. Interestingly, their justification for this was that users are now spending half their time on the app watching content that’s longer than a minute


Creators who post videos longer than a minute have five times the growth rate in followers of those who post only short videos.

From that very same pow-wow, TikTok also revealed that posting longer videos can benefit content creators and influencers.

Search First Social Media Marketing is Here to Stay!

Every point we have outlined in this blog post, and more besides, has contributed to TikTok taking its place as one of the social media sites where search-first social media marketing can be most effective.

At Social Chameleon, we coined this phrase, and we are experts in using SEO on TikTok and other social media platforms, to effectively utilise the power of short form video to boost our clients’ digital marketing strategies.

We’re excited about what the future will bring, and if you want to know more, we’d love to hear from you!

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