Manisha Talagala

Manisha is a professional and detail-oriented Community Manager with a huge passion for the digital world. She has a diverse background working for two London-based publishers as Web Editor and Sales Manager, then as Content Writer and Social Media Assistant at an award-winning London jewellery company. She loves writing for the web and engaging with people, plus she never misses new trends on Social Media.

Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in London

Digital marketing is an important part of any business. No matter the industry, or size and scale of a brand, the reach you have online and how you present yourself there is critical. So it’s a vital part of any marketing or business strategy and therefore worth investing in a specialist agency that really understands the business of it.

Of course there are a wide range of different concerns and types of digital marketing so it’s  important to choose an agency that reflects your specific needs. Some agencies are also more tailored to niche industries or particular topics.

So here is a list of some of the top 20 digital marketing agencies in London. 

Social Chameleon

Social Chameleon top digital marketing agency in London

Best for Search First Social Media

Social Chameleon are a digital agency that pioneers Search First Social Media. So rather than focusing on likes or follows, they really work to see how social media can contribute to core goals and KPIs. They have won awards including Digital Agency of the Year. They offer services including Content Marketing and SEO.


The Small Biz Expert

The Small Biz Experts - Best for SMBs

Best for SMBs

The Small Biz Expert offers services tailored specifically to SMBs. They understand how important it is for smaller businesses to see rapid returns on their investments. They work with clients across a range of sectors, including health care, property, legal and travel.


Pearl Lemon

Pearl lemon is a london based agency: Best for SEO solutions

Best for SEO solutions

Pearl Lemon are an award winning agency with expertise in SEO. They operate with clients around the world. They offer a range of services including local and international SEO strategies, SEO audit and e-commerce SEO. 



Click Do agency is best for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

Best for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

ClickDo offer extensive proven SEO skills to drive up rankings and help new websites stand out. They also offer consulting, hosting and design services. 



BBH London - Best for brand awareness

Best for brand awareness

BBH Global uses digital marketing to increase brand awareness on a global scale. Whilst headquartered in London the office also has offices in the USA, Europe and Asia. They work with global brands and household names such as Audi and Marvel.



Torchbox - Best for charities and non-profits

Best for charities and non-profits

Torchbox are one of the leading digital marketing agencies operating in the non profit sector, working with NGOs, charities and public sector organisations. Some of their clients include Samaritans, the NHS and Greenpeace. Their world record setting team has managed to create digital campaigns and strategies which have successfully raised millions of pounds for important causes. 



Eskimoz - Best for affordable, start-up-focused service

Best for affordable, start-up-focused service

Eskimoz (previously known as Digital Uncut) tailor their services towards start ups across a range of industries, helping them build up their profiles by digital marketing driven by data. Data is at the heart of all their marketing decisions. They also offer SEO, PPC and Web Development.


Our Own Brand

Our Own Brand is an agency best for creating a bold brand identity 

Best for creating a bold brand identity 

Our Own Brand specialises in building brand identity and then using social media campaigns to convey it. They have worked with a range of clients including Sky and O’Neill in order to help them create bold and resonating content.




Ninja Promo - Best for crypto and Web3 related industries

Best for crypto and Web3-related industries

NinjaPromo are specialists across the Web3 marketing industry, This includes working with  NFTs, Crypto, SaaS and Fintech. They offer services including Social Media, Community Management, Blockchain Development and Lead Development. 



Casual Films

Casual Films - Best for video and film-focused campaigns.

Best for video and film-focused campaigns.

Casual Films specialise in producing video content that grabs customer attention across busy platforms. They’ve worked with a huge range of clients including Fortune 500 clients and names like Adobe, Meta and Google. Their work has won numerous awards. 



Loud Mouth Media

Best for a fully managed digital marketing service

Loud Mouth Media is a Google Premier partner and ranks as a top 3% agency in the UK. They offer a range of services including SEO, social advertising and digital strategy.


PPC Geeks

Best for advertising your brand on Google through PPC campaigns

PPC Geeks focus on running a marketing campaign through adverts. They help businesses use digital advertising to increase revenue as well as offering auditing services on current advertising campaigns.



Best for strategic focus

Hallam has been operating for over 20 years with a focus on strategy. They won the European 2020 Search Awards and have also won a Google EMEA Award. They are experts in performance marketing with a priority on results. 



Best for eco-friendly choice

GrowRoom focuses on working with sustainable brands and operating green strategies to help them build their digital marketing. They work with brands to advocate sustainable policies and establish brands as thought leaders. They offer services such as data and research, and performance and optimisation.


We Are Social

Best for global reach

We Are Social are a global team with offices in London which uses social platforms and insights to work with creative campaigns for clients such as Adidas and McCain.




Best for design and branding-focused campaigns

Kota is a design agency that focuses on the use of design and immersive marketing campaigns strategically delivered online. They have worked for brands and clients such as The Jazz Cafe and Jamie Oliver.



Best for performance related services

Found is an agency that specialises in improving growth and performance. They offer services in SEO, PCC, Social and Digital PR. It has received awards from organisation’s such as The Drum. 


Burst Digital

Best for keeping up with digital trends for those with green priorities

Burst focuses on keeping up with new digital trends and driving campaigns. They have strong climate focused credentials, offering reduced rates to companies with a sustainable focus.



Best for B2B tech clients

Fox focus on the growing B2B tech market, offering solutions dedicated to this area. These include brand awareness and development as well as performance related offerings.



Best for luxury brands

Verb are a digital marketing agency that works with luxury and premium brands. Some of their clients have included Net-a-Porter, Jimmy Choo and Harrods. 


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