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Top 30 Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK

A successful digital marketing is all about forming connections. 


The basic aim is to get all those people out there, scrolling on their devices, to pause for a moment and start to build a connection with your brand. 


It’s a big job, particularly because the digital world, and the way that consumers interact with it, keeps changing. That means agencies need to be quick-thinking, tech-savvy and able to understand what grabs attention in our crowded media landscape.


So which agencies are going to be the best at building those connections and getting everyone talking about your brand?


Social Chameleon

Social Chameleon Digital Marketing Agency

Best Overall

Look, we’re not the only ones saying this. Social Chameleon is a multi-award-winning digital agency for a reason. 

We have a chameleon-like ability to blend in across the digital landscape. We look perfectly at home and hide the messenger so your brand’s message can shine through.

 As pioneers of Search-First Social Media , a strategy which is revolutionising digital marketing. Social Chameleon understands that people who have grown up alongside social media trust their favourite platforms. Especially rather than Google, to answer questions, get the latest trends, or see what’s happening in the world. What does that mean for your brand? It means using authentic, targeted content and expert SEO to reach a new generation of consumers, who are just waiting to discover you. 


Bring Digital

Bring Digital is an agency best for E commerce

Best for E-Commerce


Built for E-Commerce brands and packed with experts who understand the pressures on in-house marketers, Bring Digital promises that its strategy is laser-focused on delivering growth and a ROI which will make the most demanding Exec Board start offering up the champagne.


Mischief is an agency best for Starting the Conversation

Best for Starting the Conversation


Mischief is part of the blockbuster MHP group and has big clients including Lego and the network Three. Their pro-bono campaign, ‘He’s Coming Home’, with Women’s Aid around the Qatar Football World Cup caught the public’s attention with targeted social media content. Nearly 15 million views on TikTok alone proves that social media can be a great place to raise awareness and build conversations. 

Pitch Marketing Group

Pitch is an agency best for igniting passion

Best for Passion


It’s all about passion for Pitch. Their strategy involves developing connections between brands and the things their audiences really care about, with attention paid to the right platforms to use for each audience. Pitch has a particular expertise in creating brand partnerships with sports.


Assisted is an agency Best for Financial Services

Best for Financial Services


Successful digital marketing for the financial services industry forces you to get to grips with what audiences are worried about when their money is on the line. Equally importantly, agencies have to be able to navigate the regulations which surround this sector. Assisted have earned their chops with years of experience in delivering with both of these goals.


The Tree


The tree is a digital marketing agency Best for a Thrill!


‘Create to Thrill’ is a company value for The Tree. They have a fantastic creative team who are ready to fill brands’ social channels with visually-appealing, targeted content which is designed to be shared.


Born Social

Born Social is an agency Best for Strategic Thinking

Best for Strategic Thinking


Born Social have racked up ten years in the business and a prestigious list of clients with their data-led, strategic approach. They promise to use their experience and insight to create a plan that will exceed expectations.

Liberty Communications

Liberty communications is best for Tech 

Best for Tech 


Liberty have got 25 years of experience at working with Tech brands and they’ve built a great reputation over the years. They work with an impressive list of Tech clients and are adept at combining traditional and digital media to get the tech-world talking.


Truffle Social

Truffle Social is an agency Best for Style

Best for Style


Truffle know how to root out an brand’s innate style. This perhaps explains the sheer number of image-conscious brands they’ve worked with. This social media-focused agency is great at creating targeted, shareable content and for running the events and selecting the influencers to get brands noticed.  


Pangolin is a digital agency Best for Culture

Best for Culture


Pangolin specialise in rooting brands in culture and using that to build connections. To that end they produce the ‘Pangolin Culture Report’ which looks at what’s happening in culture and highlights excellent culture-led campaigns.


Social Shepherd

Best for Social Creative


This digital agency loves both a sheep pun and also creating content specifically for social media platforms. Their team can advise on the strategy and create content ready to hit the nation’s feeds. When it comes to tailoring short-form video or images especially for the platforms that matter most to your consumers they are definitely ahead of the herd (apologies, I couldn’t help myself).


Best for the Big Issues


It’s all about meaning for Cowshed. This Cardiff-based company believes in the power of digital marketing to help change the world for the better. They work on the issues that matter, like raising the profile of adoption or preventing gender-based violence and have a great track record in driving real conversations across the social platforms.


Best for Grabbing Attention


Disrupt are clear that social media is where is it all happening and believe that they can get their clients a central place in the conversation. They are all about being noticed so no wallflowers here please!


Best for SEO


Ready10 started as SEO specialists and, although they have expanded their offer, they are still experts at delivering quality, findable content that will make search work for brands.


Zeno London

Best for Storytelling

Zeno London has real global reach, they are the UK section of Zeno Group,  a global digital communications network. Storytelling is at the heart of their offer, they aim to tell stories built for the internet. Using narratives to hold the attention of consumers and grow brand awareness. 

Factory Pattern

Best for Email Marketing


This E-Commerce specialist has years of expertise in working with brands to increase click-throughs and convert one-off shoppers into repeat customers. The agency also specialises in UX, useful for brands looking for a digital refresh. 

We are Komodo

Best for AI

Komodo is pioneering the use of AI to help brands to discover the influencers who will really speak to their audience. Once they’ve whittled through to find the right people they promise to take charge of managing content-creators to make influencer-led campaigns as pain-free as possible.

Tin Man

Best for Having a Heart


Named after Dorothy’s rusty friend from Oz, Tin Man’s ‘Tin Science; behaviour change unit puts audience’s emotional responses under the spotlight. Helping brands to understand how to overcome apathy and drive real, emotional responses from consumers.

Demand More

Best for PPC (Pay Per Click)


PPC is a cornerstone strategy for many brands and Demand More offers a, well, demanding data-driven approach which promises to get the most bang for your buck. PPC is one of those specialisms which abounds in acronyms and strange terminology (‘automated bid strategies’ anyone?) so if you want to use it, it’s worth getting experts on board.


Best for Influencers


Redpill are all about influence. The agency are acknowledged experts in bridging the gap between influencers and brands to create authentic content that really reaches its audience. They even manage a group of highly-connected, content-creators in-house, making it easy for brands to create a relationship with the right person.


Best for Newsjacking


Newsjacking is the art of piggybacking on a story in the news to draw attention to your brand. It can be a risky strategy and to do it well you need to have good timing, excellent wit and keen judgement. This Leeds-based agency is shown that it can handle the demands of newsjacking and make it work for the brands it represents.


Best for High-End Brands


This London-based agency exclusively works with exclusive brands. It understands what makes a product, or an experience, desirable. Sociably has loads of experience in using world-class production values, and the right kind of influencers, to make brands shine and to make us all wish our pockets were a little deeper.


Best for Amazon


So many brands sell on Amazon that it’s easy to get drowned out by all the competition. Tigerbond offers bespoke Amazon campaigns, run by specialists who really understand how the platform works, which promise to pull you up the listings and drive sales.

OCD Studio

Best for Event Marketing

Creating face-to-face events between brands and consumers might not sound very digital. However, if done right, the content and the buzz created by events can have a real, digital impact. OCD Studio are experts at mining events for socials. They make sure the guests have the right digital-following to create something with reach.

Social Awaken

Best for Matchmaking

Pairing up brands and influencers is one of the things that Social Awaken does best. Its VIP club is open to applications both from brands and from individuals and Social Awaken uses this huge network to build matches made in (digital) heaven.

Satsuma Group

Best for Smaller Brands

As Satsuma Group rightfully point out, a search engine doesn’t care about the size of your company, it just cares that you are matching the needs of the target audience. This agency’s digital marketing strategy is all about helping smaller brands to level-up by using some of the big platforms, like Meta, to get noticed by consumers.



Best Global Reach

The TikTok Marketing Agency is, unsurprisingly, all about TikTok. This agency utilises the huge, global TikTok audience to reach a potential 800 million people. The laser focus on TikTok gives the specialist teams at TMMA real expertise in understanding exactly what this platform can do for your brand.


Best for Thoughtful Copy

Images and short-form video are essential for a good digital campaign but the importance of well-crafted copy can’t be overestimated. AirSocial have got the video and photography skills. They  pride themselves on their copywriting team and their ability to craft a message that will speak directly to your audience.


Best for Disruptors

Brands2Life have a background in digital marketing for tech (though they are expanding). They want to work with the brands that are changing the world. This helps them to use digital and social to tell big, disruptive stories. 

The Good Marketer

Best for the Underdog

The focus here is on small brands with the team unafraid of the constraints of smaller budgets. They work up a scalable digital marketing strategy with clients and are having success in getting small companies their moment in the sun. 


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