Podcasts used to be niche, didn’t they? Well, they’re not anymore.

Podcasts, digital audio files that you can download and listen to whenever and wherever you want, are now about as mainstream as you can get. Podcasts are usually released regularly and listeners quickly become fans, growing loyal to the podcast hosts and the overarching brands behind the shows.

Right Into Their Shell-like Ears

In the UK, the weekly reach of podcasts has more than doubled since 2017 1 . That means that at least one in five people now catch up with their favourite podcasts every week. And who’s listening? People in the 15-28 bracket are the biggest podcast listeners. Just the group who are getting harder to reach through traditional media.

All of that means that producing a podcast lets brands not just speak directly to the consumers they want to attract but actually develop a relationship with them. Brands can tailor the podcast format to create the right space for their audience, giving them the
opportunity to engage and develop a real dialogue.

Popular podcasts can also be significant drivers of revenue. Both directly, from advertising and sponsorships, and also more indirectly, by growing your brand and reaching a wider audience. As with most creative endeavours it takes time and a lot of work to get to the point where the audience has grown enough to monetise, but the biggest podcasters are doing very well indeed.

Social Chameleon Will Support You to Succeed

The problem is that starting a podcast sounds intimidating, right?

You might know that starting a podcast would be great for your brand. You might have an idea that you are pretty sure will connect with your audience. But the barriers to entry for
podcasts are high. To create a great product you need to source equipment, come up with the format show, book guests and get the recording done to the right standard.

Crucially, you then you have to make sure that your show finds its audience and get enough listeners to make all your effort worthwhile.

That’s where Social Chameleon comes in. We understand what makes podcasts work and can put you on the path to success. We can guide you through all the tech side from set-up to equipment and will also use our SEO skills to improve findability.

Social Chameleon’s multi-award-winning team has the expertise to work with you on the content and structure of the podcast. We can help with the choice of title, the format and the accompanying art-work. Our team can also provide the training and support you need to become a confident, engaging broadcaster, ready to make your podcast a success.

Our podcast services can also help you with the ongoing work of running your podcast, whether it’s booking guests or publicising episodes.

Social Chameleon are pioneers of Search First Social Media  and our expertise will ensure that your podcast finds its audience and rises up the podcast-rankings.

Do you want expert help to create a podcast which will connect with audiences and grow your brand? Get in-touch.

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