Print matters

We know better than to under-estimate the impact that print can have on reaching consumers and driving home the story of your brand.

Digital may be king these days but when studies show that consumers not only find printed communications easier to understand but also that brand recall from print is 70% higher than from digital, it’s clear that companies disregard print at their peril.

Social Chameleon has the expertise to both create a print campaign which will drive engagement and boost name recognition, and to weave physical and digital media together to help you tell one, coherent story across all media.

All print is not equal

Digital media is increasingly forming part of the background chatter of our lives. Well- crafted print can cut through that noise, increasing your brand’s visibility and credibility.

Holding and reading a physical object, whether it’s a story in a magazine or newspaper, or a leaflet or brochure, can help a consumer to see your brand as more legitimate and more trustworthy than a business that relies only on digital media. In this crowded marketplace, that can provide a significant advantage in forming connections with consumers. However, using print can be costly and the longer lead-times needed can also feel harder to navigate, so you need to be certain that your investment is going to drive real results.

That means understanding your audience and how to reach them is crucial. Luckily, people are Social Chameleon’s specialist subject. We will work with you to find out what makes your audience tick, then use that knowledge to devise a targeted
campaign which will exceed your expectations.

A team that achieves

At Social Chameleon our team has put in the hours learning what works in Print Media, and even more crucially, why it works.

Our Head of Design, Michael Hall, started his (now 20-year) career pondering the design of takeaway menus. Why is it that when you get a handful through your door, one will instantly make you crave a chicken chow mein while another is destined only for the recycling bin? His awareness of what makes consumers respond to print

media was refined by years working with some of Britain’s biggest brands, like Pringles, Oral B and Braun, creating packaging with shelf-appeal.

What We Offer

Our content teams also have years of experience in crafting stories that make people want to read to the end and calls to action which deliver. Our Key Offering includes:
Together, we offer a team which will work with you to capture the attention of your audience and to achieve powerful results.
Put your enquiry ‘in print’ below and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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