Video Editing

Content creation and the cutting room floor

Editing is everything. It’s where you start to pull the pieces of your narrative together. Where you bring together all the different parts of your video content into one succinct storyline.

There’s a reason people talk about films being made or broken in the edit. It’s a crucial part of creating video content that is compelling, engaging and memorable. And in a market which only ever grows more dominated by video content it’s more important than ever before to have a company that knows what to keep from what to cut.

So, what exactly does a video editing service for content creation involve?

It’s the process of all the work that goes from taking the rough cut of video you’ve shot and whips it into a compelling piece of content. So, this involves processes like taking the raw footage you’ve got and cutting it down to the right length and putting those different pieces together. Processes such as sequencing (deciding the order of your shots and footage) and transitions (how you move through those shots) allow you tell your story in the strongest way. It’s a vital part of making your content visually appealing. It can use colour correction, grading or visual effects to enhance how your video looks. Great video needs to sound good as well as look good. Video editing can clear up audio or add soundtracking (in a way that works with your visuals).

Marketing is an increasingly visually driven medium

One of the major reasons video editing is so important is how it helps you grab and retain your audience’s attention. It’s often cited that the average watcher has an attention span of eight seconds before deciding whether to click elsewhere. And with video times across many platforms getting shorter it’s imperative your video packs a punch from the start. Well edited video can help you do that. It’s also how you can amplify your brand’s voice. Using certain speeds and cutting techniques can convey your brand’s identity and personality. Fast paced, edgy, serious or humorous. Editing is a way to inject all these qualities. Visual content is only going to become higher quality so it’s only going to become more important that yours is too. So high quality editing is needed to stand out. High quality video content can also help attract monetisation or collaboration opportunities, meaning it’s an investment worth making.
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