Videography is the art of digitally capturing, editing and bringing to life moving images.

No-one can doubt the importance of videos in online-culture. If you want to tell a story, build a connection with your audience, or grab attention, creating a high-quality, high- impact video is increasingly the best way of achieving your aims.

Content is usually turned around fast, using a small crew and with a small budget. Despite the efficiency of the approach, standards are still high. The best videographers are basically artists, using lighting, great cameras and sound equipment to create outstanding work that demands attention and achieve huge numbers of views.

Why Does Video Matter?

The world is becoming video-first. The biggest social media platforms revolve around short- form content with the best videos being watched and shared millions of times. Consumers are moving away from reading text online and looking first to video, not just for
entertainment but also to answer questions and get advice from their favourite influencers on what they should buy, come payday.

If you are marketing a product, a service or an experience using video allows consumers to actually see what you are talking about and understand why your brand is a cut above your competitors. A good videographer will also be able to convey the vibe <alt text:
atmosphere> of your brand. So much better than just asking the audience to read flat text.

How Social Chameleon Can Help

All video is not equal. Consumers are bombarded with short-form content every time they pick up their phones. If your message is going to stand out, and have a chance of being watched to the end, it needs to be created by an expert. Which is where Social Chameleon comes in.

Social Chameleon’s multi-award winning team understands how to make video that stands out. That will get your audience watching and sharing and, even more importantly, taking action based on your message. Our expert videographers understand how to produce content targeted at the social platforms that best serve your brand. They have the skills to capture an event or to produce
fresh content, then to take the videos through post-production, creating a fantastic, eye-catching final product. They work fast and can turn round a project to meet your deadline while still achieving high-standards.

Social Chameleon’s knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will then be deployed to make sure that your content finds its audience. Social Chameleon are pioneers of Search First Social Media and our expertise will ensure that your videos are watched, shared and loved by consumers.

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