Online reputation management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is all about influencing the narrative about your brand online.

ORM involves safeguarding your brand’s reputation, helping the positive stories shine through and encouraging the online chatter to lean in the right direction.

A good reputation management team will constantly monitor the online presence of your brand and intervene to nudge the conversation positive. Engaging with customers to build your brand’s voice, and resolving any problems swiftly and cheerfully.

The team will also feed in positive stories and content which displays your brand’s values, ensuring that

Online reputation impacts your bottom line

But surely if you are a great brand with great products and a great team you’ll have a great reputation online? Right?

Like many things in life it should be that simple but sadly it’s not.

We all know that, left unchecked, negativity rises to the top. Even if 99 people had a great experience with your brand it is the one time when something that went wrong that will be mentioned on the socials. And let’s not even talk about fake reviews from competitors or people looking for a freebie. Ignoring it isn’t an option. Almost every decision now begins with an online search. Whether someone is looking to make a purchase, choose a service provider or even pick a programme to watch on TV, most people will have a quick check online before they commit. If the results for that search give them any hint that they might not be able to trust your brand then they are likely to choose a competitor instead.

How Social Chameleon Can Help

Social Chameleon has the expertise and the digital skills to monitor your brand’s footprint online and make sure that when people search for you, they see the best stuff first. We are masters of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and will work hard to push the best content up to the top of the rankings. These days if something isn’t on the first page of the Google results it basically doesn’t exist. This can work in your favour, or not. Social Chameleon will make sure that it always does.

We understand that reputation management is fundamentally reputation protection. We will work to create excellent content and engage with your customers in a way which puts goodwill in the bank. Articulating your brand’s values and providing an authentic voice which will encourage customers to feel positive about your company.

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