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If you don’t have a Community Management strategy, then you might as well ditch your efforts on social media altogether. Despite its rather obvious importance (it’s in the name!) Too few businesses realise and act on the importance of being ‘social’ on social media, i.e. engaging with users, encouraging UGC & WOM, and amplifying the voices of relevant key-opinion leaders, creators and top-voices. All of this sounding unfamiliar? Right, let’s talk Community Management – what it is and why you need it.

The Low-Down

A great community is what every brand or business should strive for on social media. A community of brand advocates, repeat customers and prospective buyers – all who play a key role in the continued growth and success of your company. In fact, a great community will do all of the selling for you – through engagements, testimonials and UGC.

Community Management is the strategy put in place to cultivate an active community on social media with positive sentiments. From UGC campaigns through to multi-national, localised community engagement, it encompasses a range of activities, the majority of which are overlooked in most companies.

Why is This So Important ?

In 2024, Social Media is rapidly growing as a key sales platform for brands. Allowing users to discover, consider, enquire and even convert directly within core social media platforms. On the flipside, social media also has the power to dismantle a brand’s reputation overnight.

Effective community management rallies followers, keeps them engaged and encourages them to become advocates for the brand in question. When leveraged properly, a strong community management strategy will create an audience of users ready to defend your brand should you ever have any online reputational issues.

Given this, businesses should not only want community management, but most in fact need it.

What do we offer ?

We have no shame in admitting we’re one of the best agencies in the game for Community Management, offering everything from employee advocacy strategies through to a global network of community managers (across 17 countries) ready to offer a localised approach to engagement for global brands.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop us an enquiry – after all, responding to messages is what we do!

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