“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you." - Andy Warhol.

Social media has been around long enough for everyone to know that boring content doesn’t convert, and attention spans are getting shorter and…sorry where were we? Ah, Facebook. Despite what the cool kids may say, it still reigns supreme as the champion of social media, the OG space where friends connect and share online. But it has developed into so much more than a meeting place, now it is a powerful – and hugely lucrative – venue for businesses large and small to interact with customers.

If you’re looking for a space to develop brand identity and broaden your reach, Facebook is a powerful way to do it. But nobody needs a social media expert to tell them that boring content does not convert to sales, likes, follows, or more importantly cold hard cash.

Our clients already know that, and they know that the social media landscape is a rapidly and constantly moving feast, with shiny new platforms springing up all the time. But there is no getting away from the fact that even after all these years the jewel in Meta’s crown is still the number one spot for businesses to market themselves through self promotion.


Enter Social Chameleon, where our hardworking social media marketing elves will constantly monitor and analyse essential performing metrics such as the size of your following (yes in this instance size really does matter) number of page likes and ongoing engagement.

But we also go beyond that, by delving deep into your competitor’s content strategies too. So while we are boosting our own clients we are also keeping an eagle eye on your rivals’ every move. Closely monitoring and analysing the type of content they are posting, how often they post and which ones are performing particularly well – or particularly badly – allows us to compare their engagement numbers to yours to see how you measure up.

Once we have identified the areas for improvement we can ensure we have a strategy in place that your key audience wants to see.

Facebook is of course a great free marketing tool for businesses as it lets you not only list offerings but create a real sense of your brand identity, personality and character through shared links and images on a fully customisable page.

What we’re saying is, here is where you can loosen up and have a laugh. Let us come up with ideas your customers will actually enjoy, we aren’t afraid of funny.

Our team has all kinds of smart tactics up their sleeves to increase brand awareness, including contests and promotions, and once a user likes your page, they essentially become followers of your business, and you end up forming relationships that may translate to conversions in the future.

Promoted Posts have a much better chance of reaching the people you want, and we will ensure your strategy will always be cleverly targeted because we do not assume that users spend every waking moment of their lives on Facebook’s news feed. For their health and yours, let’s hope this isn’t true!

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