Instagram And You.

You have seconds to get someone’s attention on Instagram. The world’s fourth largest social media platform has 2.04 billion monthly active users. On average, they spend 33 minutes per day browsing. They’ll see thousands of words and images in that time. How do you get them to stop scrolling at your brand?

Our dedicated Instagram team understands how to create compelling content that will win attention, forge connections with your audience and create a community around your brand. Yes, they know how to play the algorithm, but this isn’t their focus. The team pulls together creativity and a meticulous understanding of data to create a tailored strategy plan that will
get you engagement.

A Wild Mind and a disciplined eye

Its all in the numbers

Our Instagram strategies are authentic and always dynamic. It’s anticipated that Instagram ad revenue will reach $59.6 billion in 2024. It’s an exciting and versatile platform that allows brands to push the envelope on creativity whilst also engaging meaningfully with their audience. The Instagram specialists work within the wider Social Media Marketing team and so brands have access to collective decades of knowledge, imagination and innovation. The team knows how to get attention and how to keep it.

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