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20 Best Social Media Agencies in Europe

Social media may have no geographical boundaries but no-one can doubt that local knowledge is a very useful thing when it comes to communications.

Social Media agencies with strong regional awareness have a huge advantage when it comes to serving their clients. To be effective, the people running your account need to understand in-jokes, know which influencers will have impact, and be able to banter with consumers online. The best agencies can reach into your target region and speak authentically to consumers, strengthening your reputation and extending reach. 

This list highlights the best social media agencies in Europe to boost your brand and make sure that you are part of the conversation in one of the biggest markets in the world.


Best Overall

Social Chameleon

Social Chameleon best social media agency in Europe

Do you mean little old us? Why, thank you!

Seriously though, Social Chameleon is proving itself to be one of the big players in the social media landscape. Our multi-award-winning agency has helped to benchmark what success looks like for a social campaign, with our focus on the moving our client’s bottom-line rather than just increasing their number of followers. Now we are taking it one step further and pioneering a whole new approach to social media. Search First Social Media Marketing not only drives home your brand’s relevance, it also connects you to a wider pool of consumers and helps them to fall in love with your brand.  



Best for Analysis

Kurio social media agency Best for Analysis


This Finnish social media agency keeps its finger on the pulse of trends across Europe. It collaborated with the network thenetworkone to produce, ‘Social Media Marketing Trends 2024’. This timely report shows how well the agency is plugged into the future of digital marketing across Europe.



Best for Comprehensive Brand-Building

Ogilvy is a social media agency best for comprehensive brand-building

Ogilvy Social Lab 

This dedicated social media subsidiary of the well-established Ogilvy agency has real Europe-wide presence. They also have the scale and the experience to be able to offer the whole social media package from audience analysis and story-building right through to influencer led-campaigns, image and video content, and social media management. 



Best for Production

We are social agency - Best for Production

We Are Social 

This big, influential firm is rightly proud of its work with influencers and social media management but it’s We Are Social’s remarkable social-first production capabilities that really propel it up the rankings. We Are Social Studios offers world-class production values, fast-turn around and, crucially, expertise as to what content really works on social platforms. 



Best for Simplicity

Simply Social - is a social media agency best for simplicity

Simply Social 

Dublin-based Simply Social  is an agency that promises to make it simple. Their first aim is to break down the ever-changing jargon so clients can really understand what’s best for their brand. Simply Social can then take on every aspect of social media marketing for their clients from social media management to high-value content creation.  



Best for Big Thinking

Battenhall - Best for Big Thinking


Battenhall are a global agency with a strong European office. Social media is their core specialism and they have a lot of experience in working with big brands and a good reputation for getting it right. They produce a ‘Social Media Trends’ review at the start of each year which aims to pick our the emerging tech and trends to help brands plan for success.



Best for Standing Tall

Giraffe Social - Best for Standing Tall

Giraffe Social

Giraffe centres strategy and creativity because they believe that if you want to succeed with social media, you can’t have one without the other. They pride themselves on meticulously researched and planned campaigns which are lit up with creativity and the odd, unpredictable spark.



Best in the Alps

Kingfluencers - Best in the Alps


This Swiss firm started as an influencer marketing agency. They have since expanded to cover all social media marketing but their influencer game is undeniably strong, aiming to give brands a face to help them to connect with consumers.


Best for the Chain Gang

Social Chain - Best for the Chain Gang



This Manchester-based agency defines what they do as building and strengthening brand’s social chains – the bonds which connect brands to their audience. They believe that a good social chain has lots of links in it, from influencers and TikTok feeds to fresh content and community management, and have a great track record in welding it all together.


Best for Feeling It

Macro Agency - Best for Feeling It

Marco Agency 

This big, global agency is based in Madrid with a strong presence across Europe. They claims not to believe in geographical boundaries in comms and have real strength in creating short-form video for socials which draw on universal emotions.


Best for Causing a Stir


This Manchester-based social-media and communications agency is drawing a lot of attention, and some big clients. Their ‘Vaginas Uncensored’ campaign for Bodyform showed they aren’t afraid to push the boundaries to grab attention for their clients.


Best for AI


This Gothenburg-based agency is all about clever use of tech to connect people with brands. Social media is at the core of their offer but they are also using AI and developing apps to enable brands to get closer to their consumers. 


Best for Nature

Greenhouse Communications 

This is a comms company with a serious purpose. Greenhouse are focused on environmental campaigns and they use their award-winning strategies to get the whole world talking about climate action. Social media is a core part of their toolkit and they are stilled at leveraging the pressure that social media can put on decision-makers.


Best for Cutting Through the Noise

Socially Powerful 

This global, social media and influencer marketing company has a laser-like focus on getting to grips with who their brands really are, then using that as the key to driving reach and turning consumers into engaged fans. They monitor trends and culture to make sure the brands they work with are at the centre of the conversation.


Best for Authenticity

Wholehearted Social 

This digital company puts diversity and inclusion at centre-stage. They are driven by their desire to authentically connect brands with real people. Their people-first approach attracting some big brands and a lot of kudos.



Best for a Budget


99Social offers scalable social media expertise so that every size of business can find a package that allows them to boost their reach and grow their brand. Social media agencies can be fairly pricey however they say that they are as cheap as chips. Frankly 99Social is nearly as tasty as chips too!



Best for Changing Behaviour

Perfect Circle 

This social-marketing company is focused on helping us all to be just that little bit better. They’ve won awards for their health and well-being campaigns that nudge the public into making better choices for themselves, their families and the world. 



Best for Work-life Balance

Hey Honey 

This social-first, Amsterdam-based company has an international, outward-facing ethos. They employ digital-natives who come from a range of cultures and speak a lot of different languages. Unlike other social media agencies their team benefits from Hey Honey’s support of the 4 day week initiative and so are particularly happy and energetic!



Best for the Brainy


BrainLabs might officially be a digital marketing agency but they really leans into their social media offer. Their in-house social listening tool, Bytesights, is a key part of their success. It provides their team with a stream of real-time data on their brands’ performance on social media, allowing every decision to be rooted in analytics.



Best for Understanding How You’re Doing


At the core of this Glasgow-based social media agency’s offer is their Hydrogenetics report. This bespoke, social media analytics report enables brands to benchmark their social performance against their competitors. This report card allows brands to see where they are top of the class and where they ‘could do better’.


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