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How to Become a TikTok Influencer

Becoming a TikTok influencer requires a special combination of trend-setting, drive, and finding your niche. In order to succeed on this unique and dynamic platform, influencers need to find their special sweet spot – delivering content that resonates with their intended audience – but it doesn’t stop there, engaging and authentic content is a must but consistency is key in order to keep followers interested and interacted. 

In this blog we explore TikTok content creation tips, building a following on TikTok, TikTok influencer strategies, monetising TikTok content and so much more. Read on to learn more…

The Rise of TikTok in Influencer Marketing 

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Since its creation in 2016, TikTok has experienced a meteoric rise that has not only seen it become the most downloaded app in the U.S with over 1 billion active users each month, but has consequently reshaped the landscape of influencer marketing.

The platform’s algorithm prioritises virality and engaging short-form content that stands out amongst busy feeds, and TikTok influencer strategies must reflect this in order to become successful. 

Thanks to its widespread popularity and accessibility, ordinary users have been propelled into overnight sensations and, on occasion, household names. Its global reach offers unparalleled opportunities for brands to connect with younger demographics – especially among Gen Z and millennials. 

TikTok influencers wield a special influence in that, due to the nature of the platform, authentic relatable content that resonates with audiences performs the best on its algorithm. This means that brand partnerships are more seamlessly integrated into their content – resulting in a more genuine connection, as opposed to a blatant advert. Plus, TikTok’s innovative ad format – i.e Hashtag Challenges and Branded Effects – allow brands to enhance visibility, engagement, and ultimately impact!

Thanks to the collaborative nature of TikTok, it has become a platform that welcomes and nurtures creativity and community – creating an environment ripe for influencer collaborations and partnerships. 

As TikTok increasingly evolves and expands its offerings, it continues to be a figurehead and dominant force in influencer marketing – reshaping consumer behaviour and influencer and brand strategies in today’s market. 


Benefits of Being a Social Media Influencer 


Since TikTok has evolved as one of the most domineering and influential platforms within the social media landscape, it pays to be an influencer – quite literally. From financial gains to social influence and authority, influencers can reap the benefits of lucrative partnerships – turning their passion into a profitable career that supports them and their families. 

Once they have finessed building a following on TikTok, they can use their platform to promote products and services to a wide audience, earning income through brand collaborations throughout the process. 

The larger the platform, the larger their voice. The social impact of accruing a large following means influencers can shape trends and, as their title suggests, influence their followers with their products, services, and even opinions – opening doors to new opportunities and ventures along the way.

The platform provides an accessible space that enables self-expression, creativity, and the potential to find likeminded people who share in the same interests and niches. This sense of community and connection that influencers cultivate with their followers can not only be potentially very personally fulfilling, but can open the door to many new opportunities and connections. 


Challenges of Being an Influencer 


Becoming a TikTok influencer may come with its rewards, but it also comes with a heap of drawbacks and challenges

The pressure to consistently deliver authentic, relatable content whilst meeting sponsor’s demands and audience expectations can be quite frankly overwhelming. Add into the mix the constant pressure to remain relevant and ahead of trends and it can lead anyone to burnout and creative exhaustion. 

It goes without saying, that with more exposure comes more scrutiny. Whilst seemingly a job filled with glamour and adoration, the downside to it is cyberbullying, trolling, and criticism – which can understandably have a hugely detrimental impact on mental health and self-esteem.

Whilst ‘influencing’ may seem like the perfect job for self-starters, it comes with instability both in terms of popularity and income – brand partnerships and demand fluctuations and algorithm changes can lead to financial uncertainty.

Some influencers have complained about the challenge of maintaining a curated online persona whilst balancing relationships and other lifestyle demands. The lack of privacy that comes with the territory often leads to the blurring of boundaries between personal and professional lives and the feeling of not being able to ‘disconnect.’


Essential Steps to Becoming a TikTok Influencer 


Becoming a TikTok influencer requires boundless creativity, a healthy dose of dedication, and some serious strategic planning. Here are some key steps to follow to up your chances of becoming an influencer:


    1. Find your niche: Identify your unique interests and strengths to carve out a special niche that sets you apart from others and resonates with your intended audience.
    2. Content, content, content: Produce high-quality, entertaining and engaging videos that strike a chord with your target audience  – experiment with different formats, trends, and editing techniques to make it as captivating as possible. 
    3. Consistency is key: Posting regularly is necessary to keep your audience engaged and ensure you stay relevant and ahead of trends.
    4. Hashtags are your friends: Research trending hashtags within your niche and add them to your posts to ensure your content is landing within the right feeds.
    5. Audience engagement: Respond to comments and interact with other creators to build a sense of community and nurture strong loyalty from your followers.
    6. Collaboration: Teaming up with other TikTok influencers and brands to expand your reach and attract new followers to your channel.
  • Analyse and adapt: Monitor your performance metrics regularly and adjust your content strategy based on what content performs best with your intended audience. 


Crafting Engaging Content for TikTok and Growing Your Community 


As discussed throughout this blog, the key to becoming a successful influencer is through consistency and crafting engaging content – but is that easier said than done? Of course, there is an element of luck when it comes to what will make an impact, and perhaps even go viral, but there are some steps to take that may just enhance your chances. 

TikTok is a platform whose algorithm favours authentic, ‘real’ content that resonates with its users, so before you get started it’s important to understand the platform’s trends and audience preferences. If you are a brand seeking assistance in the management of your TikTok account, you can reach out for our guidance here.

With short-form video content it’s important to capture the viewer’s attention as quickly as possible to prevent scrolling, which is why it’s advised to start with catchy content that will hook the viewer in – whether it’s a dance, fun fact, or a relatable scenario, make sure it instantly stops viewers in their tracks. 

Content should be concise and fast-paced, it’s not a platform for in-depth exposes and analyses – most TikTok users have short attention spans and are ready to keep on scrolling. 

As mentioned earlier, you can use trending hashtags, sounds, and crazes to increase your visibility and reach. Engaging with comments and doing ‘duets’ and collaborations will also help foster a sense of community and follower loyalty.

All of these TikTok influencer strategies will hope you build a loyal and engaged following – but remember consistency is key!


Monetisation and Brand Partnerships on TikTok


When it comes to monetising TikTok content, brand partnerships are the obvious place to look. A good collaboration provides creators with the opportunity to not only earn income but build long-lasting relationships with businesses that align with their own personal values and goals.

Through TikTok’s Creator Fund and brand partnerships, creators can monetise their content in various ways i.e.sponsorships, product placements, and affiliate marketing (where influencers promote products or services for a commission.)

Other initiatives, such as hashtag challenges and sponsored content creation, enable brands to reach wider audiences through collaborating with influencers. Whilst creators with large followings can leverage their influence to negotiate lucrative deals with brands and mutually beneficial partnerships. This is in part thanks to the platform’s unique ability to target specific demographics, resulting in increased visibility and engagement.


Final thoughts…


Becoming a TikTok influencer is both an aspirational and accessible goal that requires you to find your niche, consistently deliver relatable content – and have a good amount of luck! The platform is all about authentic and meaningful content, so as long as you stay true to yourself, you’re likely to deliver the type of content that will resonate with the kind of followers you want!

Whilst there is no fail-proof formula on how to become a successful creator, there are steps to follow that can up your chances of making an impact – including consistency, collaboration, and adapting your approach based on audience preferences. The important thing is to find your niche and get started – Good luck! 


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