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Top 25 Digital Marketing Agencies in the UAE


Home to digital innovation and rapidly advancing technologies, the digital landscape in the UAE is thriving. As such, the competition among digital marketing agencies in the UAE is more fierce than ever. To help you decide which one is best for your business, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 agencies based on the range of services, variety of case studies, and client base quality. 

Social Chameleon

Best Overall


Best Overall Digital Marketing Agency in UAE


Social Chameleon is more than just a social agency. As well as pioneering Search-First Social Media®, Social Chameleon provides a plethora of digital marketing services from SEO and content creation to paid media and influencer marketing. Delivering exceptional results to a beautiful variety of clients, Social Chameleon has secured an incredible array of awards, including Digital Agency of the Year (2023) and the ProcureCon Dragon’s Den Award (2023). 


Best for Photography


Prism is a digital marketing agency in UAE best for photography


From lavish restaurants to designer perfumes, Prism serves a multitude of clients. Prism also offers an array of services to cater for the needs of any brand, from SEO and social media to paid ads and PR. Where the agency excels, however, is in its photography. Through phenomenal photography and design, this agency successfully captures the essence of any brand, propelling brand awareness and organic engagement. 


Best for luxury brands


ASTUDIO based in the UAE is a digital marketing agency that specialises in luxury brands


With a luxurious client roster comprising Abercrombie & Fitch, Chanel, and Valentino, ASTUDIO caters to luxury brands across the globe. Combining social, digital, and creative elements, this agency helps brands build their online presence and captivate both untapped and existing audiences.


Digital Gravity

Best for Web Dev


Digital Gravity is a webdev focused digital marketing agency in UAE


With impressive skills in web dev, Digital Gravity creates, develops, and manages websites while always putting the user journey first. And that’s not all. Digital Gravity offers an array of digital marketing services, from SEO and social media management (SMM) to UX and influencer marketing. This agency serves a range of international and local brands, including Belgravia London, Betterhomes, and Suzuki.

Red Berries

Best for Testing & Analysis


Red Berries is an agency best for testing & analysis in UAE


Based in the UAE and the US, Red Berries collaborates with a variety of major global businesses including Aston Martin, Sharp, and Lotus. This agency provides a staggering range of services, from SEO and social media to design and PPC. What makes this agency different, however, is its plethora of testing services, including API testing, performance testing, usability and even smoke testing. 


ENH Media

Best for B2B Lead Gen


ENH media is a leading digital marketing agency best for B2B lead generation


Crafting digital marketing strategies with ROI always in mind, ENH Media are great for B2Bs looking to drive leads and sales. With 12 years of experience and an impressive roster of more than 340 historic clients, this agency combines SEO, web dev and design, PPC, and content creation to deliver truly tangible results.  


Plan A

Best for App Creation 


Plan is a digital marketing agency in UAE best for app creation 


Plan A is a full-service digital marketing agency with envy-worthy skills in app creation and development. From developing e-commerce apps to games and VR experiences, this agency offers an array of services to enhance any company’s marketing efforts. Plan A has an impressive range of regional clients in a variety of industries, including education, hospitality, beauty and even government authorities.  


Best for Consultancy


GPS marketing is a digital marketing agency in UAE best for consultancy



From photography and videography to social media and lead gen, GPS offers a spectrum of services. This agency also provides personalised consultancy services for businesses with small in-house marketing teams in need of support. Equipped with the best-in-class digital marketing expertise, GPS offers valuable masterclasses and corporate training programs, known as GPS Marketing Academy. 


Best for Boutique Brands


Nerve is an agency in the UAE best for boutique brands


Nerve is a small yet mighty boutique agency located in the heart of Dubai. Nerve offers everything you’d expect from a full-service digital marketing agency and then some. As visual storytellers, Nerve has created a beautiful array of inspiring content for some truly exciting brands, from Forever Young to Fifa. 


Best for Creative Campaigns


Digitalfarm is a digital marketing agency that is best for creative campaigns


Digitalfarm cultivates creative, purpose-driven marketing strategies for a plethora of local and regional brands, from Etihad Airways to the National Library and Archives in Abu Dhabi. From social media and SEO to web dev and ads, digitalfarm combines a variety of digital tactics and techniques to elevate a company’s marketing efforts. 


Best for Global Brands


AdaptsMedia boasts an incredible client roster of global brands, including Amazon, Dell, Doritos, IKEA, Taco Bell, and Snapchat, to name just a few. With such an impressive record of clients, this agency is great for major international businesses. As a full-service digital marketing agency, AdaptsMedia comprises a strong team of seasoned experts in all things digital. 



Best for e-commerce


With offices in the UAE, Dubai, and Turkey, Scarlet serves an array of clients across EMEA, including Dubai Police, Pandora, Ford, and L’Oréal, to name a few. While this agency provides a good variety of digital marketing services, its e-commerce offering is particularly impressive, covering everything from Shopify to Meta ads. 




Best for AR and VR campaigns


Glimpse covers everything you’d expect from a full-service digital marketing agency and goes a step further with its innovative augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) campaigns. The highly skilled team at Glimpse develops unique AR and VR campaigns to provide brands with immersive customer experiences.


Best for Video Production


As well as offering a good variety of digital marketing services, Trendz specialises in producing high-quality video content, from commercial ads and corporate videos to documentary pieces and slick promos. This agency has some incredible clientele, particularly in the motor industry, including BMW and Volkswagen.


Best for PPC


As a results-driven agency, Tidal offers unparalleled PPC services to drive quality leads and sales for any brand. Experts in everything paid, Tidal also offers a free social audit to reveal opportunities and elevate a brand’s paid social strategies. This agency works with a diverse selection of sectors, including lifestyle and hospitality to health and finance. 

Element 8

Best for Web Design


From digital marketing to business solutions, Element 8 is the jack of all trades. What makes this agency unique, however, is its comprehensive web design offering. From e-commerce sites and payment gateways to online portals and apps, this agency really knows how to build, develop, and design websites. Element 8 caters to a variety of local and regional businesses, including fashion, retail, real estate, health, and tech.  


Best for Small Businesses


Kingsmen offers a plethora of digital marketing services, from branding and design to social media and web dev. Utilising photography and videography, the team at Kingsmen creates inspiring creative content specifically for startups and small businesses. While they work with a variety of brands in different industries, some of the agency’s most impressive work has been for brands within the hospitality sector and lifestyle industry. 



Best for CRO


Self-described as being “powered by data”, Trafiki has a dedicated Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) service alongside SEO, PPC, social media, and UX. With a skilled team of data-driven humans at the helm, Trafiki is a great agency for brands looking to improve conversion rates and elevate their marketing efforts. 


Best for Big Brands


With over 100 specialists in different areas of digital marketing, Nexa is a great choice for major international brands looking for extra support and innovation. Some notable clients include Amazon, Microsoft, Invisalign, Shell, and Toshiba, to name just a few. Nexa also hosts weekly webinars packed with valuable insight into the digital marketing realm and beyond.

Dot iT

Best for Web Solutions


With more than 20 years of experience, Dot iT is an established full-service digital marketing agency, offering everything from branding and graphic design to SEO and content marketing. This agency also provides comprehensive website solutions including website dev, content management, web hosting, and management for small and medium-sized businesses. 


Best for Boutique Social Campaigns


Sponge offers a broad range of digital marketing services yet its most impressive quality must be the agency’s inspiring social campaigns. From creating captivating content to managing and measuring performance, Sponge excels in social media marketing for boutique brands. The agency comprises a small yet highly skilled team to help small and medium businesses enhance their online presence.


Best for UX


As part of the agency’s spectacular digital marketing offering, RBBi provides a variety of UX-based services, from audits to design and consultancy. With a clear passion for all things UX, RBBi even offers a UX Masterclass to upskill marketers, brand managers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs in the wonderful realm of UX. This agency must be doing something right to have the likes of Spotify, Honda, LEGO, Virgin, and Toyota in its client roster. 

United SEO

Best for SEO


As its namesake implies, United SEO specialises in SEO as well as offering a vast range of complementary digital marketing services. From onsite and offsite to technical, this agency eats, breathes, and sleeps SEO. United SEO caters to an array of brands in diverse industries including, automotive, education, healthcare, real estate, and travel, to name a fair few. 

Zoom Digital

Best for Branding


With a plethora of digital marketing services in its arsenal, Zoom Digital truly is a full-service digital marketing agency. Utilising social media and design, this agency excels in crafting and enhancing brand identity for local and regional businesses. 

Emirates Graphic

Best for Graphic Design


It probably goes without saying, but Emirates Graphic specialises in graphic design! As a creative digital marketing agency, Emirates Graphic brings innovation by designing and developing digital experiences for brands of all sizes and sectors. Specifically, this agency excels in mobile app development and design – you only have to scroll through a few case studies to see what we mean.


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