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Top 30 TikTok Agencies in the UK

Social Chameleon 

Overall best TikTok Agency - Social Chameleon

Best Overall Industry Leader… 


At number one yep, you guessed it, it’s us. The whole darned package. 

Okay, so that may seem a little biassed but hear us out. ‘Social Media Agency of the Year’? Well, yes, I suppose that is true. Oh, and ‘Digital Agency of the Year’? Oh, stop it you. 

Social-first and results-driven, when it comes to TikTok Management, we’ve got everything covered from Ads to Influencers, Design to Campaign Strategies and a catalogue of extremely happy clients who’ll back us up. Have a look for yourself. 


The Social Shepherd 

Best Audience Scaler for TikTok - Social Shepherd

Best Audience Scaler…


Based in Bath, The Social Shepherd is a well-respected social media company utilising original UGC on TikTok and data-driven campaigns to effectively scale audiences. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Passenger, Bio Oil, Lumene and Godiva (among others) 


We Are Komodo 

Best Event Producer - Komodo

Best Event Producer… 


With offices in London, Los Angeles and Sydney, We Are Komodo have an impressive reach, specialising in events-led Influencer Campaigns. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Disney+, Sky, Redbull and Tui (among others) 



Best Up and Comer - The Goat

Best Up and Comer… 


Identified in 2019 as one of Europe’s fastest growers, along with as a top company on LinkedIn, Goat punches above its weight in driving successful long-term social media campaigns. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Dell, Odeon and Wayfair (among others)



Best Masterclass Deliverer - Nonsensical

Best Masterclass Deliverer… 


Based on Great Charles Street on Queensway, this Birmingham-based TikTok management agency offers masterclasses in TikTok analytics and strategy formulation. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Interflora, M&S and UberEats (among others) 



Best ‘You’ Auditor for TikTok agency - Yatter

Best ‘You’ Auditor… 


Partnered with Google, Meta and Shopify, Yatter prioritises internal audits on existing TikTok campaign strategies in order to fix what’s already there before anything else. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Food Clubs, FIA and Faultless Fitness (among others) 


Demand More 

Best Onboarder TikTok agency - Demand more

Best Onboarder… 


An award-winning Social Agency based in London, Demand More performs a thorough onboarding of new clients, combining first-party data with social-first TikTok content to help target audiences better. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Calvin Klein, Mr Porter and Swarovski (among others) 


Socially Powerful 

Best Brand Narrator for TikTok agency - Socially Powerful

Best Brand Narrator… 


With a global project reach, Socially Powerful have a uniquely flexible approach to brand narration, adapting TikTok strategies to both the place and the people. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Medik8, IT Cosmetics and The Leffe Kitchen (among others) 


Best Influencer Marketer for TikTok Agency - Disrupt

Best Influencer Marketer… 


Around the corner from the Barbican in London, Disrupt is adept at utilising organic Influencer talent to target Gen Z and younger millennial audiences. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Asahi, Disney+ and Huel (among others) 


Bee Influence 

Best Demonstrator of Diverse Talents for tiktok agency - Bee influence

Best Demonstrator of Diverse Talents… 


Based in Manchester, Bee Influence can boast the title of the city’s first Influencer Marketing-specific Social Agency with global reach. They have a history working with clients with a focus on arts, equity and diversity. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Greenpeace, Deliveroo and Emma (among others)


Air Social 


Best for Keeping It Fresh… 


Pioneers of original organic content, Air Social are proud of the fact they don’t play by the rules… 

Gaining recognition for their work with… NHS, AgeUK and ITV (among others) 




Best Talent Manager… 


With in-house social listening tools, Fanbytes uses live trend data in pursuit of the right talent for the job to elevate your campaigns. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… UniDays, Penhaligon’s and Lelo (among others) 




Best Creator Magnet… 


With their designated Creator Programme, Audiencly corner the market on producing original content-led campaigns that give designers autonomy with their vision for brands. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Socialpoint, NordVPN and Gaijin (among others) 


OK Cool TikTok 


Best Brand Humaniser… 


This London, New York, Melbourne hybrid is a TikTok specific Social Agency that prides itself on putting a human face on brands; helping them connect with target audiences with the help of Paid Social, Influencer marketing and UGC. 

They are known for their work with…Gucci, Squarespace and Mr Porter (among others) 




Best Influencer Marketing Integrator… 


Since 2009, Redpill has been a leading voice in the field. Now, utilising their experience with earlier platforms, they’re adept at incorporating TikTok into broader Social strategies. 

They are known for their work with… Sandals, OpenTable and Converse (among others) 


The Good Marketer 


Best Local-Level Brand Manager… 


The young team at The Good Marketer pride themselves on looking after the underdog, taking on lower budget, local scale projects with zeal and pizzazz. 

They are known for their work with… East Pizzas Dough, The Kebab Club and Imperial Grass (among others)


Yoke Network 


Best Content-Led Campaigner… 


The Yoke Network are based in London and prioritise yielding effective UGC in the service of grassroots brand awareness. 

They are known for their work with… Monzo, Gameloft and Bolt (among others) 


Trio Media 


Best New Player… 


Relatively new to the game, Trio Media has already become a leading voice in the world of TikTok content creation and Influencer Management. 

They are known for their work with… Green Chef, Chickano’s and Mystery by Jersey King (among others) 




Best Luxury Brand Purveyor… 


Sociably proudly service some of the largest luxury and premium brands around the globe, reserving their services for clients with an eye towards the sky when it comes to glamour and exclusive living. 

They are known for their work with… Overfinch, Jimmy Choo and Bentley (among others) 


Best Cross-Content Production Manager… 


With an eye towards all things TikTok, TTMA uses the platform as a linchpin for angling brands towards new social environments, utilising Influencers and multi-audience narratives to expand reach and scale audiences. 

They are known for their work with… Amazon, Boots and Nike (among others) 


Find Your Influencer


Best North-focussed Influencer… 


Based in Manchester, Find Your Influencer has over 100,000 Influencers in its growing network that gives plenty of choice and freedom when it comes to strategizing for nuanced campaigns. 

They are known for their work with… ITV, Contigo and Little Freddie (among others) 



Best Organic Social Media Manager… 


With growth-first priorities and a focus on UGC amongst target demographics, Tigerbond seeks to incorporate both quantitative and qualitative findings in relation to Influencer impacts on brand KPIs and delivered ROI.

They are known for their work with… La Redoute, Specsavers and Lean and Green (among others) 



Best Cross-Channel Content Selector… 


Brightform’s developed 3-stage approach to effective TikTok management (1. Audit, 2. Planning. 3. Launch) sees them developing content across platforms and channels, from TikTok to Google and back again. 

They are known for their work with… skincare brands and consumer healthcare (among others) 


Upbeat Agency 


Best Creative Problem-Solver… 


Based in London, Upbeat Agency is a direct to consumer performance-led marketing agency. The DTC approach enables them to work closer to clients than most and affords the communication and relationships necessary to think through creative problems as and when they pop up! 

They are known for their work with… Autoimmune, Olympvs and Homedics (among others) 

Loud Mouth Media 


Best Audience Targeter… 


As far as UK-specific agencies go, Loud Mouth Media’s reach is pretty impressive: with offices in Ireland, Scotland and England, they’re well placed to target local audiences as well as a few more global ones. 

They are known for their work with… SSE Airticity, Speedy Reg and Tobermore (among others) 


Hype Factory


Best Old-school Videographer and Animator… 


This Belfast-based videographically-focussed team of content boffins and cinefiles offer specialised graphics and post-production support that keeps content looking shiny and fresh. 

They are known for their work with… Nichs, Open University and Sofatime (among others) 


Best Microinfluencer… 


Through microinfluencing, Favoured favour the everyman influencer – helping keep costs down whilst also showcasing the reach capabilities of lesser known talent, hint: it’s a lot further than you think (with a 60% higher engagement rate than your average celeb). 

They are known for their work with… WooWoo, Snag and Oddbox (among others)

The Influencer Marketing Factory 


Best Talent Identifier… 


“Our goal is (…) to make our clients happy”, says CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory Alessandro Bogliari. Well, that’s just what they’re able to do; with a designated talent acquisition team, the global agency, with roots in the UK, are able to get the best talent in front of the camera and onto the smartphone. 

Gaining recognition for their work with… Snapchat, Hilton and Bud Light (among others) 



Best Community Manager… 


Through TikTok Paid Social, Pulse is able to push brands to new heights, elevating Influencers’ reach by putting them in front of communities that need to know them. 

They are known for their work with… Nespresso, MINI and Jumanji (among others) 

OCD Studio 


Best Performance Marketer… 


OCD Studio, based out of the cool East End in Hackney (London), is a marketing agency with an edge. Performance-first, they employ a holistic approach to social strategy, utilising consultancy at all levels of TikTok campaigns, from ideation to reception. 

They are known for their work with… Live Nation, Ticket Tailor and Meta Quest (among others)


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