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Why Should You Hire a Social Media Agency for your Startup?

The journey of a startup is an exhilarating one, with plenty of ups and downs. One of the most challenging aspects of being a startup is building your brand and following on social media so that you can reach more potential customers and stand out against your competitors.

With 4.2 billion people on social media globally, understanding social media marketing is vital to the success of any business. Users are spending longer on social media than ever before, an average of 95 minutes a day, and are using social media to interact with brands and make purchasing decisions.

If you are able to leverage social media correctly, you will have access to a nearly infinite number of potential customers. As we have seen before, the right use of social media can take a brand from a startup to a household name.

With so much at stake, why leave your social media strategy to chance? From increased sales to better brand awareness, working with a social media agency can be one of the best investments that you make for your startup. In this blog, we’ll delve into some of the ways a social media agency can help you achieve your business’s goals.

What does a Social Media Agency do?

A social media agency works with brands to improve their performance on social media and achieve their goals: whether that’s to reach new audiences online, improve engagement, drive sales or all of the above.

The services that a social media agency provides will vary depending on your specific goals, but usually involves creating a social media strategy and leveraging both paid advertising and organic content creation. A good social media strategy can be the difference between success and failure for your startup, so it pays to enlist the help of the experts.

What are the benefits of hiring a social media agency?

1. An extension of your in-house team

At Social Chameleon, we pride ourselves on being an extension of your in-house social media team.

Despite your best intentions, it can be hard to make the most of your online presence or create the content you would like to when you’re constantly balancing the many tasks required of a startup founder.

Today, the behaviours of social media users have changed, and they now expect more from brands online than simply posting, rather, they want to be part of an online community. If you aren’t posting regularly, you won’t be reaching your audiences. But simply pre-scheduling posts all in one go doesn’t work either, as you need to be reactive on social media and engage with your audiences in real time.

We know that it can be daunting handing over the reins of your social media accounts, so we take our time to understand your brand from the inside out, so you can trust that all the content produced will be authentic to your brand.

2. Building your brand

Branding and social media marketing go hand-in-hand; it’s pretty difficult to have a successful social media presence without a strong brand to go with it, whereas a strong brand will help underpin all of your content and help you to connect with new customers more easily and build brand loyalty.

Without a strong brand identity, your social media activity won’t come across as memorable or authentic, and you could struggle to engage with audiences. As a startup founder, you know your brand inside-out, but the message you are trying to convey might not be coming across on your social media accounts.

A social media agency can help you to craft a strong brand identity and ensure that this is coming across to your audiences on social media through content marketing, thought leadership and your tone of voice.

3. More time

There is never a dull moment working in a startup, and, as a founder, you will no doubt be used to wearing plenty of different hats; from the day-to-day running of your business to hiring new staff to strategy and operations. Managing your social media accounts, creating interesting content and engaging with customers all takes up valuable time, and even still you may not get the results that you are after.

By trusting our team of experts with your social media accounts, you can trust that your social media accounts are in good hands, and free up extra time to focus your attention on growing your business.

4. Avoid costly mistakes

Social media marketing may seem simple, after all, most of us use social media every day, but it takes a lot of time and expertise to master. If you take your business’ social media into your own hands, you risk wasting a lot of time and money and yield little or no results. Without the guidance of social media experts, you also could run the risk of making a social media faux pas that could actually be detrimental to your brand reputation.

There are many mistakes that someone new to social media marketing might make, from not posting enough to posting random content without a strategy, and it pays to get it right the first time. Otherwise, your competitors could be gathering more market share – particularly if they have chosen to work with a social media agency.

Working with a social media agency means that you can rest assured that your social media is in the hands of experts who have the relevant skills and experience to navigate your brand through the numerous potential pitfalls of the online world.

5. Stay ahead of the curve

The world of social media is dynamic and constantly changing, and what works one day doesn’t necessarily work the next. From changes to social media algorithms, to new platforms and trends, staying on top of the ever-evolving world of social media really is a full time job. The last thing that you want is for your business to fall behind while your competitors are keeping up with the times.

Working with a social media agency means that you have access to a group of experts who always have their ear to the ground on the latest innovations in the industry and can adapt and optimize your social media content to ensure that you’re always up to date.

6. Access to a range of expertise

When you choose to work with a social media agency, you have access to our fantastic team of digital marketers who all are experts in their own particular field. By choosing to work with a social media agency, you can access a wider range of services and a team who will work holistically to create a digital strategy that suits you.

We pride ourselves in being a full-service digital marketing agency, with a range of services to help your brand flourish online, not just limited to social media. Some of our other services include:

7. Measurable results

One of the best things about social media marketing is how easy it is to measure impact and results. A social media agency will continually monitor the success of their strategy through measuring factors such as engagement, people who have visited your website and the number of people who have viewed your content. By having access to this data, your social media agency will be able to adjust their strategy accordingly to make sure that you’re always getting the best return on investment.

Ready to take your social media to new heights?

Social media is a core marketing tool for businesses, but as social platforms have grown in popularity for both consumers and businesses alike, competition has become fierce. In the competitive startup world, it pays to have the experts on your side.

Over the past seven years, we have worked with businesses of all sizes to improve their social media following and engagement, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Whatever your business, our team of experts will take your social media to new heights and help you reach your business goals. To find out more and to book a chat with our expert team, get in touch today.

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