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Manisha is a professional and detail-oriented Community Manager with a huge passion for the digital world. She has a diverse background working for two London-based publishers as Web Editor and Sales Manager, then as Content Writer and Social Media Assistant at an award-winning London jewellery company. She loves writing for the web and engaging with people, plus she never misses new trends on Social Media.

Is LinkedIn a Social Media Platform?

Link up on LinkedIn: the Unique Networking Platform for Professionals

Whether you work in a bank or a coffee shop you’re likely to both be familiar with and ‘on’ LinkedIn. Since its launch in 2003, professionals of all types have connected on the networking platform – with now 1 billion users in over 200 countries worldwide!

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn specifically caters to career-oriented professionals. It can be professionals  looking for job opportunities, industry insights, and new connections with others in their field of choice. 

Through their individual, unique profiles, users can build a virtual shopfront that showcases their skills, education, experiences, and accomplishments. We like to think of it as a digital CV collating and putting their information online with the ultimate view of enhancing their odds of recruitment and career progression. Users can increase their chances of being put in front of the right people to network with at the right time. 

LinkedIn’s news feed offers a hotpot of industry insights, updates, articles, and new job postings for users to peruse and enrich their professional knowledge. Whilst its Groups feature allows communities to form and discuss trends, share expertise, and build meaningful connections. Its detailed search function breaks down searches into specific criteria – such as industry, location, or mutual connections allowing for more focused results. LinkedIn Learning provides users with a wide array of courses to enhance their skills and, ultimately, career prospects. 

With its unique features that are geared up to take your professional career to the next gear, LinkedIn remains unparalleled in connecting professionals worldwide. In this blog, we question whether it is actually a social media platform, and if so, how it compares to it’s peers. Keep reading for more… 

LinkedIn the Know: the Platform Beyond Networking  

Whilst a pioneering platform for professional networking, LinkedIn has since evolved into a complex social media site. It has a variety of features that go way beyond the sole purpose of networking. 

Tools such as the Sales Navigator provide sales professionals with a powerful way to identify and connect with potential leads, completely transforming their methodology in the process. Its advanced search filters and lead recommendations streamline the, often arduous process of prospecting and nurturing client relationships – saving users a lot of time, effort, and resources!

The platform has also been really successful in developing its marketing offering – features such as Ads and Company Pages enable users to turn to the platform as an effective and efficient place for their marketing needs. LinkedIn Ads offer targeted advertising campaigns using its extensive user data to reach specific demographics or industries. Whilst, Company Pages allow organisations to create a profile that establishes their presence, reflects who they are and what their values are, and provides a safe place that they can share their updates with their industry peers.

Beyond networking, many professionals also turn to LinkedIn for its content-sharing abilities – it’s a powerful place for those looking to position themselves as thought leaders within their chosen industry. The ‘feed’ offers a vibrant timeline packed with posts, articles, and content shared by individuals or companies looking to showcase their unique expertise and insights.

Finally, the development of LinkedIn’s Learning platform has been pivotal for professional development. The feature offers a huge selection of courses, resources, and opportunities for career development and has become a reliable marker of an individual’s expertise and experience. 

LinkedIn it to win it: Comparison with Other Social Media Platforms

As we’ve already discussed, LinkedIn sets itself apart from its competitors thanks to its specific focus on professional networking and career development. 

Unlike other platforms – like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter etc – which focus on building personal connections and sharing content for entertainment purposes, LinkedIn is specifically tailored to professionals who want to position themselves as leaders in their field and connect with other professionals within their industry. Instead of showcasing life events or personal experiences – like Facebook, for example – LinkedIn focuses uniquely on professional accomplishments, job experiences, skills, and endorsements.

Whilst it does share some similarities with its peers (i.e. user profiles and direct messaging), its primary purpose is to facilitate networking to help its users advance their careers and professional trajectory. The platform is completely geared to showcase resumes, job opportunities, and help its users to be ‘in the conversation’ in trending industry discussions. 

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn is ruled by its own unique algorithm. However, unlike its peers, LinkedIn’s algorithm favours professional, not personal, content i.e. industry news, career advice, and skill-building resources – making it the go-to for professionals across the world!

LinkedIn-tegrate: How to use LinkedIn as Part of Your Social Media Strategy

As the leading platform for professionals, LinkedIn is the place to go when it comes to networking and engaging with other professionals and businesses – making it a valuable and key part of any company’s social media strategy. Here’s how brands can leverage LinkedIn to their advantage:


Create a compelling company page on LinkedIn.

Create a compelling company page on LinkedIn.

When done successfully, a company page is a powerful way of showcasing their values, achievements, and industry expertise. It provides an accessible and efficient space where companies can regularly post updates and engaging content – such as articles, videos, and infographics – to help build brand credibility and attract new followers.


Get the most out of LinkedIn’s sponsored content and ads. 

This targeting tactic is a really effective way to reach specific demographics based on various criteria – such as industry, job title, location – to ensure their message lands with the right audience.


Use LinkedIn Groups to foster community engagement and discussion

Create a LinkedIn Group to build your network and community

This feature is an excellent way to galvanise and unite like-minded people within a particular industry. By actively participating in groups, brands can position themselves as thought leaders and build relationships with potential new customers.


Make the most of LinkedIn’s publishing platform

Post compelling content  on LinkedIn.

This is a powerful space for companies to share insightful articles and thought leadership pieces to establish authority in their respective fields. LinkedIn is the place to establish your professional identity and values, and carve yourself out a place as a go-to leader within your industry.


Leverage LinkedIn Analytics to track and regulate content performance.

Leverage LinkedIn Analytics to track and regulate content performance.

Analytics is a powerful tool for companies to understand their audience better. By analysing data, brands can use these insights to inform and refine their social media strategy for maximum effectiveness and to generate leads within their industry. 


Final thoughts…


Since its inception in 2003, LinkedIn has undergone numerous changes from being a strictly networking site to becoming the go-to for industry insights. The platform has developed many strings for its bow! It may not be an obvious social media platform because it focuses on the professional. But, like other sites, it has its own unique algorithm for its special niche. Whilst other more traditional social platforms favour personal content and social connection, LinkedIn is – from start to finish – all about the professional. From networking to sharing industry insights and developing new skill sets, LinkedIn is the ultimate virtual space for any professional. Especially professionals looking to advance their careers and connect with others within their industry or even between businesses. Read more about how you can use LinkedIn for your business here 


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